DEVOTED – Santa Fe (feat. Billionaire)

I’ve never been to Santa Fe but I was supposed to go to Santa Fe but life happened and I shipped my car across the country and I didn’t drive because I needed time after my dog died so I basked in sadness then repressed the feelings too soon then flew from Charlotte to Los Angeles and 8 months later here I am left with residual sadness and still wondering about Santa Fe. No worries, though – for all of the cluttered memories and emotions I have associated with a city I’ve never been to, DEVOTED and Billionaire’s newest washes away the excess baggage and replaces it with a longing for simplicity.

“Oh Santa Fe, I guess I’ll have to stay; I’ll make New Mexico my home”.

“Santa Fe” feels like a modern take on a western ballad that’s concerned with rolling down the ol’ dusty trail, no matter where it takes you. It’s an intricately produced ode to accepting life on life’s terms without hinting at a positive or negative perception of the terms at hand. It’s a reminder I’ve desperately needed after falling into a routine that’s left me jaded upon rating every day, every night out, every moment on the basis of whether or not it’s beneficial to what I want. I’ve become obsessed with controlling every aspect of my life so that it fits my grandiose expectations. I need to slow down and accept the present.

“Oh Santa Fe, I guess I’ll have to stay; I’ll make New Mexico my home”.

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