Science for Girls – Beat The Horse (Feat. Dana) (Pomplamoose Cover)

I’m running late on the post today because I was determined to find something new. I must have visited 60 Myspace pages, websites and blogs before finding the topic of todays post but it was certainly worth the search. Darren Solomon is a seasoned producer out of dirty Jerz who makes electronic music under the name Science for Girls. The track is a cover of Pomplamoose’s Beat The Horse, which is a great song in it’s own right but the minimalist yet soulful production of this rework makes it a dream. According to Solomon this is how the song came about…

Not long ago, young artist, musician and Friend of Science Dana recorded a cover version ofPomplamoose’s “Beat The Horse” in her high school music lab.  When I heard her track, I was simply blown away by how great it was. Anyone that can record in a classroom on a $50 USB mic and sound that good clearly has got mad skillz, as the kids say.

Coincidentally, “Beat The Horse” is one of my favorite Pomplamoose tunes, and I had always wanted to do a remix of it.  I asked Dana if I could use her vocal tracks, and she was kind enough to get them to me a on a flash drive.  So, complements of Dana and myself, here is the Science for Girls remix of Dana’s cover of “Beat The Horse.”

Couldn’t think of a better track for this particular Thursday morning. Dana’s vocal performance really is great and I’m starting to be an avid supporter of Science for Girls with this very sophisticated level of production. So there you have it, something new and great that you can’t find on HypeM, enjoy.

Science for Girls – Beat The Horse (Feat. Dana) (Pomplamoose Cover)

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