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Sebastien Tellier – Cochon Ville (The Magician Remix)

Prosterne toi! Danse! Rêve! Come to us, I could be good Come to us, Enjoy the blue So, be with us and feel the sound Come to us, Up off the ground So, be with us I could be yours Come to us, followers’ fool So, be with us So, baby, your money is following An eternal blue Danse! Rêve!” Calling […]


So I had an iTunes nightmare Friday night which ended up in me losing all my playlist, client work and DJ selections. Everything I do is based on my organization so the magnitude of this fail is so ridiculous that I’ve found it hard to even have an emotion about it. Instead I’ve been up […]

Sebastien Tellier – Look

G.O.V. has a controversial taboo-shattering song called Seventeen in which he talks about a risqué relationship he had with a young lolita and the awkwardness it caused in his life. He recently performed that song at a showcase all I could do is laugh to myself when I saw the shock in peoples faces when he sung […]

Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Janvier

I haven’t posted anything in the New Year for two reasons, one I haven’t found a song worthy of your time and more importantly the 1st of the month is reserved for Steph Lund’s hit mixtape Le Miel du Mois and that’s how I wanted to set it off. Unfortunately the New Year means an […]

Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Decembre

That’s right fool, it’s December 1st and that means a new version of your favorite mixtape maker’s favorite mixtape: Steph Lund’s Le Miel du Mois: Decembre edition. I haven’t told Steph yet but she’s outdone herself yet again. There are so many different spices, seasonings and flavors in this that I think Raekwon is going […]

The Twelfth Hour

Will someone please explain to me the phenomenon that is time while at work? Doesn’t it feel like right before you get to work time is flying and you can’t move fast enough but the second you sit down it’s like you go into some alternate world and it takes an hour for 5 minutes […]

Sébastien Tellier – Roche (Breakbot Remix)

Sébastien Tellier is the man. Growing up an entertainer and being lucky to live a certain life due to my chosen career makes it hard for me to relate to a lot of guys my age.  Too many aren’t as refined and creative as I think men should be but Mr. Tellier, I like the […]

Sebastien Tellier – Roche

This video for “Roche” off of Tellier’s album Sexuality dropped recently and it is half lo-fi pop Côte D’Azur beach vacation glamour and half Jodorowsky inspired acid trip. This album was produced by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk, and I think a lot of people slept on it, so here for your listening pleasure […]

Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Juin

It’s June and traditionally that meant warm weather in NYC but instead were still dealing with this annoying winter/spring/summer hybrid that won’t seem to go away. Fortunately, there are other things to look forward to in the new month, one of those happening is right here on EMPT – Le Miel du Mois. Courtesy of […]