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Jeremih – Fuck U All The Time (Shlohmo Remix)

A space age bachelor pad has brushed steel appliances. It has clap-on, color changing LED lights. The infinity Jacuzzi has a built in 5th generation Volcano. The fridge is stocked with coconut water and whipped cream.

There is no shag carpeting. There is no IKEA furniture.

Tailored suits hang alongside retro NBA jerseys in the closet. Prints from edgy street artists grace the kitchen. All electronic charging is wireless.

Soundtracked by a smooth mix of underground and iconic, this temple of marble and bamboo sits tranquil during the working hours. Orbiting the Earth, its windows gaze into the endless black, waiting in vacuum space for the evening to come.

Most often, he arrives, tired, after the sun has set. He removes his tie and collapses into his grandfather’s easy chair. He sleeps alone.

But on some nights, the cold rooms are filled with spring flower scent and brightened by the hum of laughter.

She removes his tie. He does not sleep alone.

Jeremih – Fuck U All The Time (Shlohmo Remix)

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Parra For Cuva feat. Anna Naklab – Wicked Games (Original Mix)

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 11.39.20 AM

The original “Wicked Games” by Chris Isaak has to be one of my favorite songs, the lyrics, and the luring strums of the guitar, it’s so effortlessly beautiful and timeless. So when I heard this original mix from Parra For Cuva & Anna Naklab I fell in love all over again.  I can shamelessly say that I am in love and it doesn’t matter with what or with who, so you can just keep on guessing, but the original is what plays in my head on a weekly basis, and now depending on my mood I now have two versions of this track to play over and over and over.  Could things have become more perfect or fallen into place more beautifully, I don’t think so, I am in bliss, and I need a moment…

Ok I am back, wow I felt out of body there for a second, like this track was literally undressing me ever so gently, kissing me all over ever so slowly, and making love to me endlessly.  I love the comparison between the two versions of this track.  The original with Chris Isaak  from 1989, is the male vocal that every women dreams of and every man wants to be in order to seduce their women because that is what his voice is..Seduction!  And then we have Anna Naklab who gives every man satisfaction to their seduction fantasies with her sweet vocals that flow perfectly like water down a stream with the drums supporting her every curve.  I think Chris and Anna need to do a track together, it would literally be a never ending orgasmic love making session of vocals, oh give me more!

Once I love something it’s hard to let it go, I guess because it takes a lot for me to love and let my guard down.  For me love equals loyalty and loyalty equals love, it’s literally a separate organ in my body that a lot of people don’t have and don’t understand.  ‘This world is only gonna break your heart’, that line couldn’t be more true, the games, the pain, the denial, in my opinion it’s all worth it, it makes life exciting especially if you understand what love is all about and all it’s many faces.

What a wicked game to play, to make me feel this way.
What a wicked thing to do, to let me dream of you.
What a wicked thing to say, you never felt this way.
What a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you and,

I want to fall in love (This world is only gonna break your heart)
No, I want to fall in love (This world is only gonna break your heart)
With you.”

Timeless lyrics, timeless vocals and a remix that’s just perfect for this breathtaking July 4th weekend, I say press play and keep dreaming of what you love no matter how ‘wicked’ it may be, enjoy!

Parra For Cuva feat. Anna Naklab – Wicked Games (Original Mix)


Chris Isaak – Wicked Game

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Hudson Mohawke- Ooops! (Oh My) (Tweet Oops Re-Edit)


It’s Saturday, December 15th. In ten days Christmas will have arrived and the food comas will have set in. In six days the world is supposed to end. In a couple of hours I will be done with work for the year and can relax and let loose a little before we obliterate into nothing (maybe…who knows?). So as I sit in a silent library on the edge of completion with my larger than necessary headphones on I’m looking around at the sea of twentysomething faces buried in their notes and laptops and all I’m doing is twerkin’ up a storm in my head to this track.

Way back in January 2002, Tweet released her single “Oops (Oh My)” and I’m a little shocked I was listening to it at the ripe ole pre-teen age I was at and making music videos to it. I blame this track for who I am today (and the tiny dances I’m trying to secretly execute in this library chair).

Oops! There goes my shirt up ova my head.
Oh my.
Oops! There goes my skirt droppin’ to my feet.
Oh my.”

The chorus is hip-hop/r&b opulence. I don’t know really because I’ve never been to a strip club but I bet this track became a pole dancing hit for both pros and sorority girls alike (and I’m talking about the original here). Enter Scotland’s Hudson Mohawke territory and we’ve got ourselves a track made for unadulterated debauchery. Mohawke brings a wobbling synth and subtle syncopated boom-boom-clap to the track that intensifies when Tweet goes into the chorus. If I had any hair to flip, I’d flip it left and right to the kick-drums in the chorus. Mohawke’s production is relatively simple and that’s what makes this track so sultry. Sexy lyrics and a few synth tweaks and you have yourself a late-night guilty pleasure. The ending really shines when he chops up Missy Elliot’s “uhs” to match the drum pounding. It’s the icing on the already mouth watering cake.

Hudson Mohawke – Ooops! (Oh My) (Tweet Oops Re-Edit)


Music Remixes

Maroon 5 – One More Night (Com Truise Remix)

Who can argue against starting your week off right with an upbeat synth jam worthy of both weekend debauchery and weekday pick-me-ups? Art director turned synth-producer Com Truise fires up Maroon 5’s sophomore single from their fourth studio release, “Hands All Over.” It’s a down-tempo electronic jam that is – in a word – sexy.

Adam Levine’s falsetto exudes sex. He has the vocal ability to simultaneously sound like he’s making love and shallowly hooking-up. Not to mention he’s an alt-pop-rock adonis. The driving guitar line is deep and low and seamlessly blends into Com Truise’s animalistic synth atmosphere. Hints of chopped n’ screwed bits sneak their way into Levine’s performance adding to the track’s dangerous undertones.

Perhaps it’s too early in the week to be thinking about these themes, but this track feels like it’d appropriately fit on a dirty, sensual, libido-fueled playlist; smack between tracks from The Weeknd and Goldfrapp. While it may be Monday, it’s no excuse to not let your mind wander a little bit into fantasy land. Oddly, this track’s got me all inspired to take advantage of the week rather than let the week take advantage of me. May it inspire you in its own way today, too.


Maroon 5 – One More Night (Com Truise Remix)


Diplo – Hot Chip vs Major Lazer (Extended Version)

OBSESSED!  This is almost all I want to say but that would be a big no no, but that word pretty much sums up this track for me.  I know I have been holding out on this one all weekend, but I really wanted to give you something that will make you feel so F*&cking alive as it does for me.  Literally this has been on repeat for the past few days on every stereo system I can play it on, my car, my computer, my phone, Hector’s amazing studio sound system and sometimes two of those at the same time…Umm ya I am excited, so what!!

Diplo is nothing less then incredibly amazing, and Major Lazer puts me on the sexiest mood, pretty much all the time, these dudes know how to get everyone undressed, literally, shaking and dancing so hard that it looks like a hurricane might have just hit.  He has been touring with MAD DECENT and as disappointing as it is for me to say that I haven’t been a part of this amazing tour yet, everyone I know that has is speechless especially when Diplo gets the sound systems bumping with his ability to take anything that is already riveting and you feel like your on a different planet..WOOOOO!

This entire track is filled with Diplo’s little surprises, sounds and technique you just didn’t expect and for me with so many tracks, by the last 20 seconds I will switch to a new track but the end of this one is my favorite ending that I have heard in a really long time!  OK, enough with my excitement, I have decided since hearing this that it’s going to be my Monday anthem, Monday is the new Friday, so press play and you will see what I mean, enjoy!

Diplo – Hot Chip vs Major Lazer (Extended Version)