Shaun Frank – No Future (ft. Dyson)

So many songs I’ve been hearing lately are about rough breakups where the people involved aren’t sure if they’re making the right decision but this new song from Shaun Frank flips that trend on its head!! It’s called “No Future” and Dyson lays out some serious truth by singing about how it’s so damn obvious that her and her lover have no future together anymore…the sex isn’t the same, the emotions are gone, and there’s nothing left except some phone calls when they’re lonely.

I love how natural her vocals sound cause it makes the whole situation feel even more matter of fact which is how some relationships that are ending should be approached…no drama, just a mutual parting of ways between two adults. And hey I’ve gotta give it to Shaun Frank too, his production makes the end of a relationship almost sound straight up fun!! The song has such bouncy carefree vibes that are *perfect* for the honest and straight forward approach to Dyson’s lyrics. There’s nothing to be ashamed or sad about here, just another part of life to appreciate and even celebrate cause we’re living another day on this beautiful planet we call home!

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