Shawn Wasabi – Otter Pop (ft. Hollis)

Holy fucking cuteness. If the energetic tunes of PC Music are manufactured happiness, then Shawn Wasabi’s newest is pure, unadulterated joy. All the rainbows and sweets in the world couldn’t begin to describe how jubilant the intersection between his buoyant production and Hollis’ beaming vocals is – but fortunately for us, Wasabi has provided visuals for the track that are picture perfect.

Look at the matching pink shirt, shoes, and keyboard. Look at the massive smile on Wasabi’s face. Look at the pastel animations that naturally glide across the screen and the neon lights of Wasabi’s own Midi Fighter 64. Look at Wasabi eat sour gummy worms with chopsticks. It’s happiness in its most pure form, happiness that seeps through the screen until you’re smiling too. It’s what happens when you pursue your passions to the fullest extent and see your dreams unfold in front of your very eyes. It’s such a gratifying way of living and I’m glad that Wasabi has found his own bliss.

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