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Sander Kleinenberg – The Healer (Shazam Remix)

We all have our reliable remixers.  They are dependable sonic architects who let their identity shine through by putting their own two-cents in on someone else’s idea.  And there’s nothing wrong with that, but some people are more traditionalist, and banish the idea of modifying an original piece of art. To those I say these […]

Sun City – High (Shazam Remix)

Less is almost always more. The less you do something, the more you cherish it. The less you see someone, the more exciting that next encounter becomes.  And so forth. When you do anything in excess, its affect dwindles or, even worse, becomes cloying. If you’ve got a habitual vice, try going a day, a week, or […]

Shazam – Luckier

Someone wrote on our wall yesterday: Pls release an Et Musique Pour Tous Soundtrack?” Aside from being an amazing idea which I’m definitely going to take into consideration it inspired todays post and possibly one of the songs that will make to that LP. If we had a soundtrack it would be inspired by our […]