Music Writing

CATALINE – Shine Like a Firefly


Life is so fucking exciting right now, at least for me it is.  I have chosen to ignore all the bullshit that is going on in the world, ok I realize it’s not all bullshit so you can unclench those fists, but I just personally can’t tune into it anymore, at least for right now.  Everything in my life is really shining at a high potential.  I never want to say at it’s fullest because I always believe there is room for growth or change, and things can always get even better than you thought they could, believe me I know this for a fact.  All my friends keep bugging me about when I am going to start dating again, it’s been two years since I felt affection towards anyone.  My answer is this, I feel content right now, more so than I have ever been and I have been alone and so in control of my life the last two years that I don’t need anyone else, except my little amazing daughter of course, but I don’t have a longing for a companion.  Like I said I am shining, shining “like a firefly” right now and I think I would like to enjoy it a little longer before I take the chance having it put out.  No need for that, when you have that shine people notice, people respect it because they can feel it coming off of your body, it’s a wonderful thing and maybe one of these days I will share this shine with someone absolutely deserving of sharing it with.

This track is above and beyond for me. It’s all I need for this entire weekend to get me moving, the beat, the use of the synths and the effects on the vocals make this an effortless indie/dance pop track.  Lyrically nothing is complicated, just positive upbeat energy and a good message.  I gotta get ready to go sing my ass off tonight so hit play on this gem of a jammer!

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