Conte – Daft Punk Skrillex (Audiovisual Remix)

Daft Punk, Skrillex, a Launchpad and a TV – Conte’s audiovisual remix


Skrillex – Summit (feat. Ellie Goulding)

It’s interesting what we do to pick ourselves up when we’re down. As quickly as everything happens in this world, specifically in New York City, sometimes the most unexpected thing can slow you down in all the right ways. I found solace in this track, because of expectations that I had before listening to it, and the entirely different reaction I had afterwards. And I think there’s something really true to that feeling. Like, if all of the expectations you had in life just turned out totally different but not in a bad way, how would life be? Maybe a little bit more beautiful?

I feel really happy about this track. I generally feel iffy towards anything Skrillex because the music can be a little intense at times, requiring a certain mood, but this track is perfect for Sunday chilling. It’s also really reminiscent of some of his older (not too old though, in reality) tracks, like, With Your Friends (Long Drive) which I love. Specifically, at the end with the voice sampling and the less intense dubstep brain wobble.

What’s amazing is that immediately after I listened to Summit I followed my gut and preceded it With Your Friends (Long Drive). And as I’m writing this line, I’m thinking about all of the people in my life that I love and always want near me, everyone who has touched my heart in some way. And as I have that thought, the beat drops but in the calmest and most epic way ever. And there’s piano. And even an echoing voice.

This has been probably one of the hardest weeks of my life and yet I have never felt so thankful. There are things that we all want to do differently with our lives. We chill on those ideas before we go to sleep, in the lingering moments before our eyes settle into place and stop darting in every direction.

But what are those concerns? Sometimes they’re out of our control, but at least for myself, they’re totally graspable and within reach. They have to do with me. This song inspires that kind of really beautifully calm soundtrack to the change that is willing to happen in your life. Whether it means waking up earlier and seeing the world before it wakes up, or shutting yourself off from negativity that you are in control of shutting yourself off from, just do it. These are easy changes. They’re in your control. And they’re ultimately happy changes, even if they feel hard at first. These are also some of the only ways we can control our own happiness, because when we know we are active in necessary life changes, we are busy. And even the laziest person likes to be busy.

There’s definitely something to be said about the fact that this song inspires such emotions, and there’s definitely something to be said about how it is brought to us by two really special and unique new musicians. I hope this track helps you through your Sunday and gets you through whatever agenda it is that you may have for today and for the rest of this week.

Skrillex – Summit (feat. Ellie Goulding)

Music Video

Mike Tompkins – Skrillex Cinema & Santigold Disparate Youth (Dubstep A Capella Remix)


Mike Tompkins – Skrillex Cinema & Santigold Disparate Youth (Dubstep A Capella Remix)


Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Novembre 2011

In my book there’s nothing better for a persons development then having to perform under pressure. The bigger the audience, the higher the stakes, the more to lose, the better. There’s something about those situations that requires you to simply man up and perform. It begs you to destroy your comfort zone, fail and constantly push yourself to get better at whatever it is you do. It also requires you to be out there all the time, in the mix, on hypothetical stage performing, trying new things and pushing it.

It doesn’t matter if your giving a power point presentation or at a bar making a move on a girl that caught your eye, it’s all the same. My friend D put me on to a Eleanor Roosevelt quote that has had a major impact on me lately – “Do one thing every day that scares you.” I love that and in my journey toward complete fearlessness I couldn’t agree more. Go out there, if it makes you uncomfortable do it just to feel that and conquer it, that exercise alone is worth gold. On the same token, there are many of us who want to be out there so much that we neglect the equally important self reflection aspect of things…

Do you need sometime on your own?
Do you need sometime all alone?
Everybody needs sometime on their own,
Don’t you know you need sometime all alone…? – Guns & Roses (November Rain)
Coming from an 80’s Rock star, the epitome of being in the mix 24/7 and meeting expectations, I’d say Axell was in the zone when he wrote that. Absence makes the heart grow fond of anything but it also gives you time to reflect and understand things on your own, without influence and that’s where the true answers lie. So you might be asking what does all of this have to do with LMDM? Well, one of the few times I get to fall back on my own are when I make these tapes and Stephs musical selections always have a way of getting these thoughts going. I’ve got another 3 or 4 hours before I’m in another wonderfully uncomfortable situation but right now I’m just going to kick it with LMDM and indulge in the ease of temporary solitude, enjoy. 

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


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