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Ibeyi – Better In Tune With The Infinite (Jay Electronica Cover)

Not many words are necessary to describe this song, and if you watch below you’ll see for yourself. It’s simple and to the point. It somehow evokes multiple spouts of goosebumps with beautiful harmonies and minimal percussion. The twins of Ibeyi took out none of the soul of Jay Electronica’s original, but twisted it in a […]

Tom Misch & Carmody – We Used To Know

But we let it go, let it go, let it go… Embrace your somber side by listening to Tom Misch & Carmody’s lovely track, “We Used To Know”. The pair has been working on an EP that will be released later this year. Both musicians are from South East London, and actually live down the road from each […]

Kaytranada – Leave Me Alone ft. Shay Lia

He’s been hot for a minute already, but if you haven’t yet booked your ticket on the overnight bus to the netherworld that is the Kaytranada bandwagon, step right up. It isn’t that the songs are downers – in fact, they all feature an inignorable positivity – but rather that they are down. They don’t […]

Dee Edwards – (I Can) Deal With That

Sometimes it is necessary to take a break. There was a point yesterday where I was siting at work (yes, we work in offices with horrible fluorescent lighting and mandatory skirts too) and nearly cried when I got another request for another project due two days before I ever saw it. It is these times […]

Sam and Dave – Sooth Me (Live)

I used to be up on all the new shit. By the time you were saying “OMG have you heard of XYZ band?” I’d have downloaded their discography, played you their best songs (though at the time you couldn’t be bothered and clearly don’t remember) and moved on to the next hot sound. I can’t […]

Stevie Wonder – For Once in My Life

For once in my life, I have someone who needs me. I dedicate this one to my new cat. Let’s take it back to 1968. Nothing like some Stevie Wonder to brighten your day and keep the blues at bay. This is one of my favorite songs of all time: a happy-go-lucky-can’t-help-but-smiling-yes-I-am-strutting–on-the-sunny-side-of-the-street-feeling-overwhelmed-with-inexplicable-joy-kinda-track. (hyperbolize!!). There’s a whole lotta […]

MØ – XXX 88 (Produced by Diplo)

MØ is a Danish songstress who has just recently started to capture the attention of electric and soul fans alike. Her voice is interesting with  her foreign pronunciation and added soulful nuances which make her lyrics and delivery different sounding and enticing. Although she has only been releasing music for the past year, 2013 has been […]

Grumby – Mt. Fuji

                            It’s that break your neck shit that always stays with you. These are the beats that transcend the musical space and become something physical that exists with you. It sits next to you, jams with you, intermingles with the very depths […]

Volta Cab – Don’t Give Up

Sundays are typically a day of rest where I like to recalibrate and recharge my batteries. And just do nothing. Then I come across a song like this that sets shit into motion. I’ve written about Volta Cab before and if this track is any indication, he’s on the verge of blowing up in the feel good […]

Marvin Gaye vs. Pryda – Too Busy Thinking About Leja

Think less, do more. I tend to over think things. Whether it’s where to go to eat or what song to listen to while I’m working out, I’m constantly plagued by indecisiveness and procrastination. Maybe it’s the English major in me, but I tend to analyze every aspect of my life, from where my life […]