Mozambo x Pakem x Kungs x Julia Church – Soulmate

I usually go into detail about the elements of the songs I’m writing about. But not today. All you really need to know about this song is you should listen to it. Let it consume you for a few minutes.

Now, the important part- the content. Not only is it presented in a pleasurable way (that sultry voice!), but it conjures up thoughts in my mind that other songs can’t quite possibly. I used to have a notion of a “soulmate”- that one person I was destined to meet. Now I’m a skeptic. Thank you, men that have been in my love life. Thank you, college, for my first “soulmate” (or so I thought). I’m not saying I was extremely crushed, but I felt an intense connection, one that has not since been replicated, and it makes me wonder WHY this one person had such an impact on my love life. What was this “connection”? Was it innate, or did it evolve? What was it about just a simple kiss that transported my soul to another universe? A universe with just this moment, and him. I wanted so very badly to believe a connection is the sign of a soulmate, but the realistic side of me wants to brush the notion of a “soulmate” from my consciousness.

Is a “connection” enough? A lot of other factors are forced, by nature, into the mix. Maybe I was naive in college and believed that those forces were mere details. ‘We have a connection, that must mean something, right?’ Thoughts like this kept me going back to the possibility of an us. My idyllic views have changed slightly since this encounter, yet I stay optimistic about the idea of someone out there who fits me just right, whose quirks I find cute and not annoying, and with whom I feel a prolonged spark.

For now, my quest for a life partner continues…