Strange Talk – Climbing Walls

I heard this song a while back on the Kitsuné Maison 10 compilation but I was so hooked on Flight Facilities’ Crave You at the time that I totally forgot to post it. Anyways, I was woke up thinking about the Austrialian airwaves so I made my rounds through Triple J and came across Climbing Walls again only to remember what a ridiculously catchy and feel good song it is – I mean talk about a perfect Monday morning jam.

These guys are the real deal so naturally they’re garnering comparisons to pretty much every band with a name in the last 3 years. I try my hardest to avoid thinking when listening to feel good music so I won’t be of any help if in that department but this interview might give you some insight into their style…

I guess, as a band, we have strong and varied musical backgrounds from classical music to dance music, and the song “Climbing Walls” reflects that… Inspiration wise, we draw from our record collections, and all of the incredible local and international music getting created and toured around Australia.”

That to me sounds limitless so you can only imagine the amazing music these guys will be making in 2 or 3 years. Alright, there’s much to do this week and I need to get started early but press play on this jam and throw all those Monday feelings out the window, enjoy.

Oh! I keep trying to run away from what you’re seeing…”

Strange Talk – Climbing Walls

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