EMPT & Unofficial Vintage – # 1

As many of you have already seen and heard, the EMPT Boutique is up and running with some awesome and exclusive vintage thanks to our friend Caitlin from Unofficial Vintage.  I get to hear stories here and there about her vintage adventures, clawing for the rare one of a kind pieces that we are lucky to have in the Boutique. You think that fur coat we have in there just appears anywhere? Hell no fool!  Caitlin has to have her inside sources, always on the horn, getting with the in crowd so she can be the first to gleam on the first bins to come in, as well as bargaining until she’s got tears in her eyes to get the best price for her customers, wanting to be at the top and have the best is what this girl is about.

I give you all my best, don’t give you nothing less, I triple cross my heart…”

Caitlin is just one rare provider to the EMPT Boutique, thats right, we are going to be bringing in all different kinds of styles and accessories, some East Coast flavor, some West Coast flavor, you never know what’s up our sleeve!.. And we most definitely want your input on things that you might want to see in the Boutique, music is the main concern here, but your music taste has to meet your fashion flavor, so holla at us with any suggestions comments or people you may know that have some fly new fashion digs!

And of course, EMPT will be having an event, hopefully before the holidays are over, to kick off the new Boutique, have many of the fashion pieces modeled, and get excited because we have some little surprises that we are going to throw into this event that you wont be expecting, you know how we do things here, giving you all the best, keepin’ it fly and keepin’ it real.In honor of the many many fans who come to EMPT everyday we want to give something away from the Boutique to show our appreciation, so since its football season we are giving away a St. Louis Rams sweatshirt. Leave your comments regarding this post and well pick someone to win this thing!  We don’t want any hesitations, this store is completely legit and we will be providing only the best quality fashion as we do with the music.  They go hand in hand, there’s no slacking off! Peace.

Promise something you never done, promise something # 1…”

Madison – #1 (RAC remix)