Strip Steve – Astral Projection feat. Puro

Astral Projection literally means an “out of body experience” for those of you that aren’t aware.  This track definitely gives me an out of body experience that couldn’t be more perfect for a beautiful Friday like this one.  When I listen to this I feel like I could be on MDMA or on one of those rides at a theme park that spins in a circle as fast as possible and you are on the inside of it looking at everyone else start to blur away the faster you go, except you don’t feel like you are going to vomit when you listen to this track..HA!

Strip Steve all the way from Berlin, has the whole 90’s vibe going on, I like it, growing up in the 90’s was just a blur of colors and fashions and music, I think everyone was trying to figure themselves out in a way and what the next cool thing was and everyone wanted a grab at it, but all in all the 90’s were RAD!

He started mixing at 14 with his first turntables, and slowly made parties with his friends in his hometown Bordeaux that mixed every kind of music they found exciting, with always one purpose: that the people had fun very simply.”

That’s such a great purpose to have when your making music, playing music, listening to music, the purpose of positive energy, fun and great people to surround you and share in all of this, a great statement and anthem for any weekend!


This track and the video are sure to get you feeling “out of body” which is exactly how you should be feeling right about now, so enjoy!!

Strip Steve – Astral Projection feat. Puro