Temples – Shelter Song


It seems like the next big British rock band comes around every day. Newsflash: Temples are the real deal. Their self-produced debut album “Sun Structures” is an instant classic in the same psychedelic vein as Tame Impala’s “Innerspeaker.”

It isn’t hyperbole to say that the guitars on the album’s opener, “Shelter Song,” sound straight off the Beatles “Feel Fine.” And the band is obviously well versed in their hereditary history, pulling from contemporaries like The Fratellis and Mystery Jets as well as forbearers like Led Zeppelin and The Smiths. For psychedelic rock fans, this album is a big deal. The genre has been drifting of late, getting niched-off into metal corners, or floating into a territory so washed out it ceases to be enjoyable. Temples to the rescue!

While “Shelter Song” is pretty straightforward, tracks like “Sand Dance” show the band veering into the hazy, involved solos that mark psyches best examples (check out “Sand Dance” on EMPT LA’s Spotify playlist!). These songs are best on record, every hiss and pop lending to the heady vibe. But “Sun Structures” is also an excellent audiophile record, perfect for high-end headphones. Getting lost in the throwback textures and restrained treated vocals is a treat that you can look forward to.

Because of course you’re going to buy the album RIGHT AWAY. The bandwagon’s about to fill up, ladies and gents. Get on before it’s too late.

Temples – Shelter Song