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Princeton – To The Alps (Radio Edit)

A straight course to the Alps.”

I have in my iTunes a playlist for Sunday mornings. It’s a mix of singer/songwriter artists, some low-fi alternative tracks, and chill-wave pop tunes (side-note confession – Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning” may or may not make an appearance). It’s a playlist that’s meant to accompany my Sunday morning routine of brewing coffee, sitting down and reading some news articles, trivial blogging while eating a home-cooked egg and toasted bagel. I like my Sunday mornings (well all my mornings ideally) to be quiet, relaxing, and slow-moving. The tracks on this playlist are ever growing and their order changes constantly, but one this they have in common is they’re tunes that get me thinking and tunes that tell stories of places and experiences in simple terms. Sunday mornings are meant to be simple in my opinion; simple and coherently sedative.

Princeton’s “To The Alps” has been on this playlist since it was released last year. It’s got everything for a Sunday morning: sweet kick-drum beat, keyboards, soothing vocals, horns, and a story that takes me away from the current heat-wave clogging New York City’s streets. Despite the desire and longing Jesse Kivel sings about, the song carries a twinge of hope and really that’s all a Sunday morning song should carry. This isn’t some mellow Starbucks track. It’s a track that’s poppy enough to get you moving if your morning coffee hasn’t already. Wake up with this tune; it’ll do your groggy ears and potentially sore body some good.

Happy Sunday.

Princeton – To The Alps (Radio Edit)