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Simon On The Moon – Hooked

Somewhere between the creeping synths, accented drums and keys, and sultry vocals interjected with falsetto croons, Simon On The Moon‘s “Hooked” has me reveling even deeper into my current crush. Impressively, this is Simon On The Moon‘s first song to be released, and was created wholly in his home in Sweden. I’m enamored by the richly layered instrumentals and vocals, and […]

Adam Tensta – My Cool (Al Azif Remix ft. Dr. Alban)

Due to some administrative confusion, my earlier post on Autograf’s “Gust of Wind” remix has been taken down…as the track was written up already yesterday! Ah, the pitfalls of an international remote team sharing a Dropbox account. So in the interest of keeping all you EMPTers satiated with Sunday summer jams, I offer you this […]

Little Dragon – Klapp Klapp

It’s a known fact that we love Little Dragon. They may well be EMPT’s most posted artist. For good reason. Yukimi Nagano, the group’s lead singer, is a force of nature. Her voice maintains its singular sound regardless of the sonic mayhem playing out in the background, and her octaval range brings excitement to songs […]

El Perro Del Mar – I Carry the Fire

A few months ago, El Perro Del Mar released her fifth dazzling studio album Pale Fire. In fact, I wrote about the title track, and its effortless beauty and detailed construction. I Carry the Fire is another stunning work designed around varying levels of a sound experience. Sarah Assbring‘s delicate vocals, a stirring bass guitar […]

Stay Ali – Emotional Day

So I’ve been running around putting this party together and getting the music ready so I haven’t had much time to write but I keep getting distracted by this song and had to post it. BÃ¥rd Ericson, Elias Smeds, and Johan Vati Grade aka Stay Ali are 19 year old’s from Sweden making electronic music […]