Jj – Let Them

Some of you might listen to this introduction and be off put my the strong language Jj uses to get her point across. Growing up in NYC during the early ’90s and getting a daily dose of artists like The Lox you actually start to see the art in the vulgar side of the english language. So when I heard the the the intro to Let Them, I was back to home again. The song is actually a partial cover of T.I.’s Let ‘Em Talk but with all the ’90s kids growing up you can expect more and more lyrical play like this in the months to come…

Hey let em talk, Let em hate
It aint my fault they at the bottom, let em stay
Let em say whatever. Let em lie
Let em snitch, let em bleed, let em die”

I don’t care what people say about the current state of hip hop because the way rappers and urban artists use the english language is one of the most creative and innovative art forms I’ve ever come across. Unfortunately, some rappers give it a bad name with their off the field activities but that shouldn’t blind us. Jj apparently shares my affection as covering hip hop songs has become a custom in her career and I tell you, those down and dirty lyrics with that angelic voice paint one hell of a picture. Alright, enough chatter, press play but turn the volume down if your at work, the lyrics might not sit will with square types, enjoy.

Jj – Let Them

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Ratatat Presents Remixes Vol. II

Wrecking ball hit yah like a freight train coming, I’m on a warpath gonna hit the ground running.”

Et Musique Pour Tous has opened up so many opportunities as of late that we’ve been on a non stop grinds for pretty much the last 3 three weeks and it doesn’t look like were stopping anytime soon. We threw our first Noctambule and it was such a success that we’re getting calls from all sorts of bars and clubs that want to Space Age style, it’s a very humbling experience and we’re very thankful to all of you who help make it happen.

Of course, I have a complex that doesn’t let me understand the concept of satisfaction so everyday I wake up with more and more hunger, wanting to give you guys the best of the best, wanting to accomplish more. Today was no different which is why I’m walking around playing this gritty Ratatat remix of Young Buck’s Stomp.

Now where you from who the boss I’m a break him off…”

I’m going into my meetings today to make this thing pop, we have our next Noctambule tomorrow and it’s going to be bigger then ever. We’re going harder then ever and taking no prisoners, let’s get it!

Young Buck, T.I. & Ludacris – Stomp

Young Jeezy & Bun B – Over Here (Ratatat Remix)