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Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime (The Reflex & The Scrumfrog Rework)

I spent my last week of 2014 smoking joints on the top of St. John, sipping Red Stripes on a beach, and reflecting on the last year of my life. 2014 was probably the best year of my “adult life”, and looking back on it, I feel like I accomplished maybe a quarter of the goals I set for myself. I made some money and found a new home in Colorado.

I’m living in the future, where weed is legal and I can grow a few plants without worrying about jail. And I love it.

But I also lost some friends, people I thought I could trust and turned out to be snakes–partially because I made mistakes and partially because most people are not trustworthy. I also partied far too hard at times, and as a result, became scared that, at 27, I was trending towards the Jim Morrison path.

Since then, I’ve reigned it in, gotten back on track, and feel more confident and driven than I have since I have in a long time.

I don’t think I’ve become the person I ultimately want to be, and as I near 30 and see my friends getting engaged, I’m scared I’m not making the moves that will put me where I want to be when I am indeed 30.

As Hec inspiringly wrote the other day, it’s important to never forget the past–to remember your victories, your losses, the good and the bad times. But when you’re not day-dreaming about nostalgic memories, it’s more important to live in the moment, to set goals, look forward and get harder, better, faster, stronger.

Because as my late, wise grandfather once told me, “Only an asshole looks backward.” You can’t change the mistakes you’ve made or the people that have come and gone throughout your life. But you can use that knowledge to make yourself more impervious the fakers, the haters, and the people who will bring you down.

As I set goals for 2015, I know what I want. I want ownership. I want power. I want stability. I want the Knicks to get the #1 draft pick. I want good people in my life. I want to eliminate the bullshit. I want to perfect my craft. I want to be in complete control. And most importantly, I want to be the person I know I’m not, but that I will be.

You have one lifetime, and what you make of that lifetime is only up to you.

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My friend showed me this remix in The Scrumfrog’s Burning Man Set, which has immediately (along with Tycho’s mix) made me want to make the voyage to burn:

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Kasper Bjørke – Heaven (Nicolas Jaar remix)


Buoyantly forlorn is how I’d describe it. Cascading nuances & celestial undercurrents flood my mind; wistfully fragrant with hints of the ultimate, this track embodies a distinct melancholia, echoing undertones of the unknown. Its sincere sublimity rouses me from my daily oblivion.

Kissing and running,
Kissing and running away
Kissing and running,
Kissing and running away.”

Nothing like a rush of nostalgia to the brain, and that’s how this track feels. Nicolas Jaar’s remixes are always pretty boss, but this one feels timeless. It’s been a solid number on my playlists for over a year which is Timeless enough for me. I am indeed grateful that Kasper Bjørke decided to cover what was originally a very loungey Rolling Stones song, enabling Nicolas Jaar to work his magic! Jaar’s signature sound — that is a distinct melancholia paired with an infectious beat — with Kasper Bjørke’s ethereal vocals is perfection.

Smell of you baby, my senses,
My senses be praised.”

On the topic of nostalgia, it’s amazing how a particular scent can evoke a feeling of a specific time and place as its so inextricably linked to every other sense. Olfaction (aka ‘smell-o-vision’ see “Sir Nose D’voidoffunk” à la George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic for relevant mythos) is an awesome sensory experience. Praise be to the nose for its uncanny ability to grant us access to memories that have otherwise been lying dormant somewhere in your consciousness.

Nothing, Nothing.
Nothing will stop you, nothing will stand in your way.”

These lyrics are slightly reminiscent of the Talking Heads song “Heaven” in which David Byrne sings “Heaven is a place, is a place where nothing, nothing ever happens.” Something to ponder while you’re grooving to its infectious beat.

Kasper Bjørke – Heaven (Nicolas Jaar remix)

Covers Music

Strand of Oaks – This Must Be The Place (Cover)

It’s currently Saturday, but aside from unpaid athletes on the TV Screen, it’s felt like a Sunday. And this tune has Sunday written all over it. Laid back, chilled vibes and a very unexpected take on one of the most inspiring, transcendent songs known to mankind. “This Must Be The Place” is one of “those songs” the kind that’s impossible to hate, the kind that seizes you. It’s the type of song that makes babies, breaks windows, and cures politics.

The Strand of Oaks take on it mostly makes babies, and also sprinkles in a little world peace. I generally find the best–or at least definitely the most interesting–covers are often the ones that deviate most wildly from the originals. When an artist finds a song that inspires him or her, they make a conscious effort to emulate it, but the special ones take the risk, the leap to make it their own (RAC does this really well). When you admire and cherish a song, a painting, or a book, trying to recreate that feeling is really fucking hard, especially when that song is already PERFECT (side note: I’ved tried writing like Hemingway–didn’t work). But when an artist is successful–when the best, most classic art inspires modern art, it’s a beautiful thing. And that’s why I will (TRY to) no longer hate on any “cover.”

When this came on at the end of Psychemagik‘s “Celestial Love” mix, it simply stunned me. Covers like this make you stop and say “WHOA, that’s THAT song!” And “WHOA, this shit is DEEP.” It’s making me think of home, of people I used to know, of stories I could tell, and whether or not I should go out tonight.

I know nothing about Strand of Oaks or the lead singer but they do channel the Talking Heads/David Byrne ethos in a most delicious way. It’s a stripped down, almost a cappella version that turns one of the most uplifting, bittersweet songs in the game into a straight-up swan song. And that little synth “rollercoaster” solo towards the end is an ear massage. With this version, you can’t hide  from David Byrnes’ haunting lyrics on sweaty dance floors.

Never for money, always for love

Press play, light a candle, and go to your happy place.

Strand of Oaks – This Must Be The Place


There’s a lot of (mostly schwaggy/diluted) remixes to this song. This one is skillz:

Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place (Psychemagik Naiive Edit)



EMPT Presents – S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 1 b by Ryan Radler

That’s right fools, it’s Monday, you’re up early for work, you already want to go home and Friday is no where in sight. You went from cold beers at a beach to hot coffee in a cubicle, it’s the roughest of times indeed. But cheer up old chap!, we’ve got the antidote for anything remotely lame so say hello to the anti-work, anti-monday experience – Ryan Radler’s S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 1 b.

Last week we introduced you to Radler’s fine wine of a mix tape and we all fell in love. Today we’re doing it all over again with another fantastic tape sure to put some swing in those M word blues. There’s so much I can say about these tapes, I don’t even know where to start. There’s the amazing art work, with all it’s nuance and detail perfectly complimenting the sound of the tape. I’m an absolute nerd for detail and quality and after talking to Ryan about his approach it’s no surprise we would cross paths…

Artwork: I have a penchant for retro/vintage design/fashion/art. If I had it my way, I would be perpetually living back in the 60’s and 70’s. The images I have collected and treated are there to match up the audio with a visual of how I see summer. You may notice a bit of a theme with the mirrored effect. I personally have been a big fan of symmetry and asymmetrical balance… “

Yeah this is a mix tape but soon you’ll see that this labor of love is more like a timeless collectors series, you gotta love it. Last weeks tape was one of the most popular post in recent EMPT history and after listening to 1b on repeat for the last two days I suspect nothing less for this one. Like I said before, this is hands down the best summer mix tape you will find anywhere on the internet, we’re happy to presenting it and can’t wait to bring you another next week. Go check out the mastermind behind this on his Facebook page, enjoy.

S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 1 b :

1. Stay Close + Stay Close (RAC Mix) – DELOREAN
2. Siberian Breaks (Ed Banger Allstars rmx/Dj Supermarkt) – MGMT
3. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) – TALKING HEADS
4. She Wants + She Wants (Reverse Remix) – METRONOMY
5. Crime Pays – BEAR HANDS
6. Climbing Walls – STRANGE TALK
7. Go Outside – CULTS
8. Endless Spring – HOUSES
9. SST (Soft Soul Transition) – SOFT SOUL TRANSITION
10. Sleepy Lagoon – HENRY MANCINI
11. Sunlight – BAG RAIDERS
12. India – MITZI
13. Julius – STARFUC*ER
14. Big Jet Plane (Michael Brun Bootleg) – ANGUS & JULIA STONE
15. Change Of Heart – EL PERRO DEL MAR

EMPT Presents – S U M M E R: a n t i-w i n t e r 1b by Ryan Radler by Et Musique Pour Tous