Nicolas Jaar & Theatre Roosevelt – The Ego

I’ve said it on Twitter and I’ll say it here, the voice that speaks and sonically sways us through this track, that deep down sultry rasta-man of a tone, is the voice that I’d like to say narrates my entire life in my head. I wish this were true, how incredible would that be? But of course we have to realize that if this was the case, my entire life would always seem really sexy in my eyes, and this is hardly the case. Even if it were to be really sexy to me, it wouldn’t necessarily be sexy to everyone else so really, no one wins.

I have not heard a track so filled with sexual energy and passion in a long time, but it comes as no surprise that Nicolas Jaar is responsible for such an affect. I’ve tried to break it down in my head in an effort to truly understand why it is that this song is so sexy, filling the heart and loins with desire. I think it has something to do with the musical instrumentation that is consistently on the tip of its sound. That is to say, in my DJ class I’ve learned a thing or two about remaining at the tip of the sound, which speaks directly to scratching. When scratching, you always want to scratch at the very beginning of the sound, rather than in the middle. It’s more fresh and pleasing to the ears. Similarly, musicians can remain at the tip of their sound by always staying on point, notes-wise. This is difficult to talk about with electronic music, because everything from music to beat production to rhythm is perfected. But just because things can be fixed with a computer and technology, doesn’t mean they’ll always be perfect. Without the brainwork of the musician to feed the technology, without the passion for sound and love for delivering a message, a song will never be perfect no matter how much production goes into it.

The ego, is the most expensive thing.

Enjoy, my lovelies.

Nicolas Jaar & Theatre Roosevelt – The Ego