The Holidays – Golden Sky

A girl named Catherine left a comment suggesting I checkout an Australian radio station so I did and came back with the subject of todays post, Golden Sky by The Holidays. This song was released back in May as part of the self-produced, recorded at home EP also titled Golden Sky. I love where music DIY production is headed because this sounds better than a lot of the big studio work coming out and that’s something to be excited about.

The last two days in the city have been pretty dark and ugly and all I can think about is beaches and friends, niether of which I’ve had enough time to enjoy as of late. Thankfully there’s always music because he feeling this song captures makes me feel like I’m in seventh heaven with nothing positive visions and admiration for what’s in front of me…

Now I’m dreaming of the most peculiar place…”

Some people live life constantly worried and they project that energy into the world around them which is no good in my book. As long as you’re being productive and paying your dues theres nothing to worry about and all worrying will do is create the very things you’re concerned about. The laws of attraction are very real and thoughts are things so be careful what you allow your mind to entertain because it will manifest itself. At the same time, constantly feeding and naturing good vibrations will bring that same energy into your life. Anyways, don’t mean to get all metaphysical on a Thursday morning but that’s what this song does to me, enjoy.

The Holidays – Golden Sky

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