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The Isley Brothers – Prize Possession (Follow Me Remix)

Is what you are to me
No dictionary
Can find the words to say
How much I love you.”

I start this post like the Isley Brothers start their classic. The lyrics to this song couldn’t paint a clearer picture of the kind of particular situation one has to find oneself in before dedicating it to someone. Follow Me has from the start earned my respect for the stuff he has put out. But the last couple of remixes (see our post that covered his amazing TLC remix a month ago) are nothing short of spectacular.

A steady beat, those echoed synth chords and the handclaps by themselves foreshadow that what is about to come is big. You can feel this even before hearing the first vocals on the song. I love it how Follow Me’s remixes are right on top of that thin line between songs you can hear and enjoy and ones you can dance to. The BPM and the groove in his remixes has enough oomph to get you going and you feel that you can barely dance to it. Clocking at 3:42 I wish there was an extended edit or something because it’s too good to end so fast. After much internal debate on what where the best words to describe this song in one sentence, I came to the same conclusion I did before. The first thing I said to myself the first time I heard it is the last thing I’m gonna leave you with: “This is fucking golden!”.

The Isley Brothers – Prize Possession (Follow Me Remix)


Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – The Isley Brothers et Ice Cube

Before Ice Cube was acting in children’s movies, he was the head lyricist of the most notorious hip-hop group to ever do it, N.W.A.  After Cube split from the legendary crew, he launched a successful, and controversial solo career that has featured 9 solo albums, and countless guest features with every major player in hip-hop. Cube’s versatility has allowed him to remain relevant as hip-hop has drastically evolved since the 1980s.  On “It Was a Good Day”, Cube exhibits another aspect that has made him a legend in the game; storytelling.  Here he explains why this particular rap story was different from the rest…

The inspiration was my life at the time … I was at the top of the rap game. It was the summer of ’92 and I was in a hotel room, really in a state of euphoria. I had all the money I had dreamed of. I was in a good frame of mind. And I remember thinking, ‘Okay, there’s been the riots, people know I will deal with that. That’s a given. But I rap all this gangsta stuff — what about all the good days I had?”

The Isley Brothers have been sampled on countless records, but “It Was a Good Day” is certainly one of the flyest of the batch.  The sampled song “Footsteps in The Dark” provides a stellar groove right from the beginning of the record, that left little to be done as sample manipulation.  The loop is continuous, and along with a few other obscure chops, it provides the appropriate background for a great story.  The lead guitar riff tells a story on its own, and together the sample and lyrics are the perfect match.  Also, can’t forget the visual for this West Coast classic (P. Walsh/K. Casey).

The Isley Brothers – Footsteps in the Dark

Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day

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