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“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” & The Roots

This week, EMPT interviewed SNL star Jimmy Fallon in preparation for his new talk show “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” slated to debut on March 2nd from 12:30-1:30 AM. What’s more exciting is that the show will play host to Fallon’s new house band: The Roots.

Though Fallon is not a direct ‘replacement’ for Conan O’Brien (who took over Jay Leno’s seat on The Tonight Show) there’s been quite a stir over the fact that Fallon bumped him into the 11:30 time-slot thus alienating loyal fans.

Nevertheless, these past few months leading up to his debut, Fallon has successfully produced and hosted a video blog (aka: “v-log” …sounds dirty, no?) that runs nightly on at 12:30 am. In our interview he said the v-log has been a great tool for him because he’s been able to “Try out skits and ideas on the website first and then use that information to appeal more to what the fans want.”

Ironically, this isn’t the first time Fallon’s stepped into the strange world of ‘vlogging.’ Do any of you guys remember the SNL skit “Jarrett’s Room” where Jimmy played “Jarrett–the college blogger” ? Well, it seems like his ‘vlog-life’ has manifested itself in a whole new light…