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JMSN – Alone (Kastle Remix)

When I was in school, I wrote a term paper on the subject of genre: What does the term mean? Has it outlived its utility? The paper focused on the catalogue and philosophy of the now-legendary L.A.-based producer Flying Lotus, an artist whose productions defy easy genre tags. When The Weeknd burst onto the scene […]

The Weeknd – Wicked Games (Mendez Rework)

Wicked Games is probably one of my favorite songs of all-time, let alone, by The Weeknd. A quality piece of music transports me to another place entirely — emotionally, mentally, and physically. Wicked Games brings you to a place of understanding, not necessarily because the lyrics are relative to our lives, but because the idea of the song is […]

Maroon 5 – One More Night (Com Truise Remix)

Who can argue against starting your week off right with an upbeat synth jam worthy of both weekend debauchery and weekday pick-me-ups? Art director turned synth-producer Com Truise fires up Maroon 5’s sophomore single from their fourth studio release, “Hands All Over.” It’s a down-tempo electronic jam that is – in a word – sexy. […]

The Knife – Got 2 Let U

I’m constantly faced with the question of what my favorite track of all time is. Sometimes the question is framed differently, perhaps pertaining to what my favorite electronica track is, or new indie artist. The question is often met with uncertainty and fear on my behalf, because there are so many that I don’t want […]

Ellie Goulding – High For This (The Weeknd Cover)

I don’t know if you guys knew that this happened, but it happened. Ellie Goulding did a cover of the Weeknd. I’m a pretty committed and loving Weeknd fan, so for me to admit that any covers are good is a huge step. But this track is playing right now and from beginning to end, […]

The Weeknd – Remixes

2011 has been a good year for The Weeknd: an EP that boomed on the internet, teaming up with a good production team, a large fanbase in a matter of months, and now one of his tracks is headlining the new season of Entourage. When I found out about his House of Balloons EP  in the […]