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The XX – Reconsider (Exempt / Henry Greenwork Edit)

Remember me, I’m the one that’s back from overTime’s gone by and I’m still so far from overYou reappeared like you had never been goneI lose composureYou’re touching me like you have no desire for closure Reconsider Did you lie awake like I didI stayed up ’til the stars didn’t recognise meSo longI waited so […]

Jamie XX – Sleep Sound

Ca fait depuis septembre que j’ai déménagé à la ville de Mexico DF. Depuis Juin 2012 on est au quatrième déménagement. Ca fait quatre pays, quatre villes et deux continents en deux ans. C’est quoi ce bordel ? Et après on dit qu’on devrait jamais oublier ces racines. Ce n’est pas donne, c’est sure. Nonobstant, […]

The xx – Sunset (Jamie xx Edit)

  I don’t know what it is about The xx but they keep delivering singles and re-edits that I cannot stop listening to. The minimalist style allows for other artists to come in and fool around, but what I appreciate the most about this band is their willingness to play around with their own stuff. […]

The XX – VCR (Four Tet Remix)

  There are a lot of things always happening for everyone at any given moment, so it may come as no surprise to all of you when I say that there’s a lot happening in my life right now. Would it make you feel better if I said that this song was taking up a […]

The XX – Sunset (Libations & Oscillations Bootleg)

If you were on the fence at all regarding The xx‘s second release Coexist, two things could push your opinion to the favoring side: experiencing them live, and absorbing this Sunset remix. As performers, The xx have a successful live show down pat.  I still can’t shake the stunning visuals and sonic precision I witnessed.   As […]

The XX – Intro (KO Remix)

This track is so sexy, and there is a crazy energy about it that just resonates through your whole body. The track really speaks for itself to be honest. It has that end of the world anthem, life flashing before your eyes, those blissful minutes right after the most amazing sex you have ever had. […]

The xx – Fiction (Synapson Remix)

It’s that time of day where the sky’s filling with purple, the air gets a little crisper, and the 9-5er’s are piling into their cars, cabs, subways, and hopping onto their bikes to shake off their day. Happy Hour is in high gear and the weekend is inching closer and closer. I’m sitting at my […]

Divine Fits – My Love Is Real

So my father is hip. He’s thrown around the term “with it” a couple of times and I’ve caught him reading Gawker and Jezebel while a used and abused Wall Street Journal sits wrinkled in front of him at his desk. He’s not one of those other dads, he’s a cool dad (Mean Girls reference […]

The xx – Chained

  There’s always two sides to every love story; whether we like it or not. Before I continue any further, it should be very clear how biased I am towards The xx as they are one of my favourite bands. So please excuse my probably biased but honest post. As I was saying, about the […]

The Xx – Night Time (MegaMan & Panic City Remix)

First of all, this is remix is pure bliss and not the ignorant kind. MegaMan & Panic city have masterfully crafted a beautiful instrumental full atmospheric pads, classic XX guitars and rhythms sure to keep any music lovers interest. The arrangement is tailored around Baria Qureshi’s dreamy voice and there’s no attempt to grab your attention […]