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Theophilus London – No Particular One

The only thing that matters to me at this point is family. The unconditional, deep love I have for my brother, my sister and my parents is the feeling I want to have with anyone who gets to spend more than 20 minutes with me outside of a professional environment… If I could be born […]

Amadou & Miriam – Nebe Miri (feat. Theophilus London)

When I woke up this morning, I had two thoughts. They were so prominent that I haven’t been able to shake them since, like when you wake up with a song stuck in your head and can’t get rid of it. The word “idol” popped into my head. I have no idea why. I wasn’t […]

Jimmy Edgar – Hot Raw Sex (ft. Theophilus London)

This song screams fashion week, OH YES it does, and that’s half the reason why it is blatantly appropriate to post on what is probably going to be the start of a crazy glamorized weekend filled with beautiful people and YES, “Hot Raw Sex”!  This is a weekend I wait for every year in NYC […]

Theophilus London – Love Is More Red (feat. Sade)

Late night train rides. There’s really no better time for a serenade and a beat drop. Theophilus keeps it on the level in this track off his very free mixtape, Rose Island Vol. 1. A great deal of his other work is brighter and just a touch sweeter on life. Love Is More Red doesn’t hit […]

Theophilus London – Lighthouse (JJ Remix)

It’s not every night that you find yourself sitting on a rooftop in Fort Greene looking out on the Manhattan skyline with a bunch of jazz bros, talking and appreciating good music. But on the nights that this happens, it’s easy to get lifted off into a sublime state of euphoria. Last night I felt […]

Theophilus London – Dancing (Feat. Marvin Gaye)

This is definitely a party banger Theophilus pulled out of his pocket, and couldn’t be more perfect for you party animals on this Friday!  Throw in a Marvin Gaye sample, the guy who created love songs that literally made girls gasp and run to the bathroom, ya it’s no joke, he had some kind of magic […]

Et Musique Pour Tous @ Cabarete Beach (Dominican Republic)

That’s right folks, Kev and I are headed back to the Dominican Republic tomorrow to play at Cabarete Beach after a performance that same night from Brooklyns own Dynasty Electric – fresh. If this is anything like our other parties in DR we’ll be at the Viva Whindam Resort from 10PM Saturday night till an […]

Theophilus London – I Stand Alone (Official Video)

Are you into me?! You never talk anymore! All you do is sing!!!” My anthem right now… Theophilus London – I Stand Alone

Theophilus London – Girls Girls $

Money. Girls. It is Friday right? Take it off. Theophilus London – Girls Girls $

Fly Boys: Theophilus London et Sonic Relief

Greetings from sunny Dominican Republic, where the sun is hot, the mangos are fresh, the people drive badly and party like bosses. I’ve been here a couple of days now and there are two guys whose music I cannot get out of my mind: Theophilus London and Sonic Relief. Theophilus London is a little more […]