Electric Guest – This Head I Hold

Electric Guest is a Los Angeles based band who has been getting a lot credibility in the past couple years.  They have worked with Danger Mouse who is one of the best producers out there for an indie pop band and got big eye openers at this past SXSW.

They have something really fun and catchy going on, I hear a little bit of Cee Lo Green in the energy and tempo as well as a jazz swing appeal as well.

They call me, a little grown up
See, I’m upset because I’ve always been stuck
But I don’t know what it is I’m without
Guess I’m in love with always feeling down
See the problem was I
Was fully consumed
With all of the petty things that I couldn’t do
All of the plastic products, shows and woes
I didn’t ever show, I let it go
So I listen while I’m told
Sit back, don’t think, get high
Take drink, sit back, don’t think
The more I listen the deeper I sink
I go higher and I say ooo
Oh ooo I go higher
This head that I hold is so tired
And I say oohh no I go higher
And I said Oohh what’s it gon, what’s it gonna be,
Make me say oohh, what’s it gon, what’s it gonna be
I’m feelin’ so cold, but they won’t, but they won’t
Make me say oh, oh , oh , oh , ohh
So find me stuck in some scene
I wanna get out but there’s no in between
So I sit back as I watch the crowd go
Never assuming that it’s something so low
See the answer is this
If I wanna be free
I gotta stop playin’ round and runnin’ from me..”

These lyrics sum up the way that the majority of our worlds thinks, we get wrapped up in the scene, the material things, what we don’t have but what we want and so we become stuck in this familiar mode and forget that we need to come back to ourselves and get the perspective back.  The perspective that we are running our selves so we have to treat our selves and what we want to become more then we do with all the things that really don’t matter.  We tend to neglect what’s really important all the time which makes us feel even more stuck once we realize this, except there is always a way out and a way forward.

This is exactly what I needed today since I have a lot of work to do in my own life right now to make this happen and to make it move in the direction I have been dreaming about all my life, these uptempo lyrics with advice that is so real but with the right energy doesn’t make you feel bad its pushing your forward.  So on that note if your feeling like your in a rut, stop dwelling on what your not doing and do those things you need to be doing, I have a lot of work today but I wanted to leave you all today with a little inspiration.  As it says in the lyrics “Don’t Think”, this is something that I learned in Improv at UCB theatre, some of the best advice I have ever gotten.

Alright peace everyone, enjoy!

Electric Guest – This Head I Hold