Jose Gonzalez – This Is How We Walk On The Moon (Thomas Jack Remix)

People get so caught up in “the experience” that comes with an electronic song when they talk about hearing it live…it’s like the music isn’t as important as 100,000 watts of bass or enough strobe lights to cause a seizure. For me, it’s still all about the rhythm, and man does Thomas Jack bring plenty of that on this fresh remix. He takes “This Is How We Walk On The Moon” by José González and turns the perfect rainy day song into a dance floor hip shaker, no body shaking bass or laced drugs required!

Press play then close your eyes and imagine being in a pitch-black club when this song drops…that house beat driving everyone’s bodies back and forth, moving together like a bunch of synchronized swimmers at the Olympics…it’s what made electronic music so beautiful in the first place. Everyone’s thoughts and worries are left outside the door to tap into their human desire to feel good, no matter what’s happening outside that door. They’re all different people with different backgrounds and different lives, but on that dance floor, they become one. A sense of community is so important to electronic music, and instead of basing it off of how enjoyable the lights are while rolling, the music is what everyone is there for. What an image! And hey, I’ll admit I’ve never heard Thomas Jack before this remix, but man…if this is how his music makes me feel, then there’s no doubt I’m keeping my eye on him in the future.

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