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Tag Archives: Todd Terje

Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite

I’ve been listening to this one Todd Terje track nonstop for the past two weeks. When I walk down the street, I assume everybody else knows that I’m listening to this song because of the way I’m half dancing half walking, and because it matches almost every mood I’m ever in while walking the streets. But seriously, […]

EMPT Presents: Balearea by Barry Poppins

The kid Barry sent me this literally weeks ago but somehow in the endless waltz of learning, work, music and insatiable hunger for more that’s my life I haven’t been able to sit down and post it, until now. For a quiet guy like me, one who enjoys the dwellings of solitude so much I […]

Chic – I Want Your Love (Todd Terje Edit)

I spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about love. In all of its shapes and forms, all of the people I love, and have loved. Again, in the spirit of reflection, it’s good to keep those sorts of thoughts in mind because they are such good feelings. I gave some time in my […]

Hot Chip – How Do You Do (Todd Terje Remix)

Hit songs are supposed to be < 3:30 in length. If a pop song exceeds this length, it’s breaking this rule, and it becomes unfriendly for radio play. Fortunately, “Remaster of the World” Todd Terje just doesn’t give a rat’s ass about pop aesthetics. No, by bringing back old school synths (Mogs?) and thumping in […]

EMPT Presents – S U M M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 2 d by Ryan Radler

For years when it came to EMPT I’ve been a one man band man. For those of you not familiar with the term coined by contemporary painter, producer, rapper Kasseem Dean aka Swizz Beatz, that basically means that from top to bottom I’ve running the show. Of course all credit due to Steph and the […]

Todd Terje – Inspector Norse

Veteran producer/DJ Todd Terje released a 7 minute single recently, when’s the last time you listened to a 7 minute long track? In the age of microwave consumption we want everything to happen fast. We breeze through RSS feeds, aggregate our music and blow through it all so fast the only thing left to do […]