Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone (The Chainsmokers Remix)


I happened to be browsing through our submissions today, come to find this dope gem from our friends The Chainsmokers.  I met these dudes Alex and Drew a couple years ago when EMPT was linking up with them for events and such, love these guys, so much fun. Since then The Chainsmokers have become a popular party DJ duo (I mean they always have been, HA) all over the world.  It’s pretty great to see your friends successes, I couldn’t be happier for these guys, especially for how crazy this music biz is, and believe me it’s CRAZY.  There are always people trying to crush your dreams, tell you your not good enough and trash your well being.

Jealousy man, it’s a sad and disgusting disease, and I am not talking about the kind of jealousy where you see your ex with another person or your friend just snagged those shoes you can’t afford, that’s normal.  I am talking about the type of jealousy where a persons emotions turn into rage and all they want to do is hurt you because they are so unhappy with who they are that they take out all of their stress and insecurities on the people who care about them the most.  It’s very sad how people will create so much hate and negativity in their heads, normally these are people who are the closest to you weirdly enough.  Once you start making progress the accusations start flying, the excuses, the blame.  I mean hell your always going to have haters, but they hate at a distance and as an artist you need to love your haters and your critics as you would love your lovers because it’s only more attention to your artistic craft, a fuel for your determination to succeed.  But when that hate turn to jealous rage and people are trying to tear you down and keep you from succeeding, well that’s the disease I am talking about.  I wish I could say that I have never had to deal with these kinds of people but I have and I will never understand what it’s like to have this disease and want to hurt someone so terribly.  I could never be this person, I am a loyal lover to those I care about, even the ones that hurt me.  Why you might ask, because hating anyone for who they are and their successes, their downfalls, whatever it may be take up too much energy.

All I can really say is thank you, thank you to those who have tried to tear me down, thank you to those who have done this to others, because hopefully you can look at it and handle it the way I do and make you push harder for what you love.

He She sleeps alone
He She needs no army where he’s she’s headed
‘Cause he she knows
That they’re just ghosts
And they can’t hurt him her
If he she can’t see them.”

Happy Hump Day, this goes out to all the haters, enjoy!

Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Two Door Cinema Club – Sun (Alex Metric Remix)

A lot of electronic music makes you feel like you’re on drugs. But it’s rare to find electronic music that makes you feel like you’re on really, really good drugs. Alex Metric is a moon rock of a producer. The London-based rage mountain-climber had a stand out year in 2012, releasing a free EP (Ammunition) and adding a slew of remixes to his already lethal catalogue (that  “Quicksand” Remix is Hall of Fame).

Metric is obviously no new kid on the block (although many try to ball like him), as he’s long demonstrated an uncanny knack for making a proper bang0r, both original and remixed. The cool thing about Metric’s remixes is that they’re anything but simple. He takes vocals–generally from the indie pop/rock realm, and completely flips them on their asses, transforming them into something barely recognizable and something totally awesome. And he manages to generate builds and drops that don’t feel generic and cliched.

He’s done it again, this time with Two Door Cinema Club, and the result is a late entry into remix of the year. Expect to see even more of Alex Metric in 2012, as he’s got a slew of collaborations, a monster EP forthcoming (maybe even an album?), and I imagine some main stage, headlining performances worldwide.

I’m far away, I know I’ll stay, I’ll stay right there with you and though it might be too late, What would you say? What would you say? What would you do?

It’s pretty hard imagining never seeing or even speaking to my family, my friends, and everyone I love ever again–and I think this remix captures that emotion in a really weirdly deep way. There hasn’t been much sun in anyones with a heart’s lives lately, and while music is certainly no magical cure, it can still offer a nice reprieve and give us some warmth in these coldest of times.

Two Door Cinema Club – Sun (Alex Metric Remix)


Alex Metric – Anybody Else

Purchase the Sun EP here–you’re gona want a 320 of that remix, and real good speaker to play it on.

Two Door Cinema Club – This Is the Life

Today has been a day of contemplation and coffee. I have spent the better part of the last few years serving the public their daily dose of caffeine. Seeing the world before 5 a. m. always leads to heavy thinking, and the monotonous routine of each day allows me to process hundreds of tangential questions throughout a morning rush – questions like “what is my place in the world?,””are we a slave to routines?” or “why is he such a dick every morning?” When I came across this track this morning, I asked myself if I had every used the phrase “this is the life.” The short answer: no. The long answer is probably something simple and momentary, exhaustible and elusive.

Feel something right and feel some good
Because if one thing works you might know it’s true
‘Cause if this is the life, this is the life
This is the life, this is the life
This is the life, then who’d argue?” 

Two Door Cinema Club is an Northern Irish trio, complete with redheaded frontman. Their first album Tourist History which includes This Is the Life was released in 2010 and was voted Irish Album of the Year. The band cranks delicate and excitable guitar riffs paired with charming, sometimes wounded lyrics. Their second album Beacon debuted in September and touts a well-crafted, more mature sound. Seems they are asking heavier questions as well.

Two Door Cinema Club – This Is the Life


Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone (The Golden Pony Remix)

If you’re anyone with access to news and social media (you’re here so you obviously are) you’re well aware of Hurricane Sandy that basically duck-walked and death-dropped all over New York City a week ago. Those of us who live in Manhattan are still feeling her after affects but I’m happy to say that things are looking up. I was displaced for a solid week due to some casual explosion at ConEd that sent my power and subsequently my internet out. Luckily, the power returned yesterday and I was able to come back to my apartment and internet hub; all is well. This isn’t the most important thing, though. This week has showed me that life exists beyond the infinite realm of the internet. Things slowed down for once and friendships were deepened and new bonds were created; I even finished a book that wasn’t required for a class (go me). As rude as Sandy was to this city, she’s pressed the re-start button and I’m ready to begin again.

With that said, I’m bringing you an excellent remix of a track I wrote about last July . One of EMPT’s writers, Yaqui introduced me to this song and its been my Sunday jam. Brooklyn’s own Golden Pony have spun the already upbeat Two Door Cinema Club single into a house banger that’ll become a solid member of your pre-game, workout, strutting down the street playlist. Trimble’s vocals are chopped up over a bass-line synth mix that both soars through the airwaves and pounds through your bones. The builds and drops aren’t heavy but they are certainly pronounced. When Trimble enters the refrains, his falsetto is turned up higher and higher until Golden Pony drops us into the chorus.

It’s tracks like this and producers like The Golden Pony that keep me excited about the music scene. This duo has definitely been added to my list of sets I want to see asap. In spite of the oddness of this past week, it’s refreshing to come back to the connected and networked world of the internet and find the music world still going strong. Even those affected by some drizzly storm can still bust out solid tracks like this one. Put on your headphones, step outside and work your way down the street with this track. It’ll bring out an extra boost of confidence to begin your week.

Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone (The Golden Pony Remix)

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (RAC Remix)


I don’t think RAC can do any wrong to a song. The collective has done their magic again to Two Door Cinema Club (who has a new album dropping real soon) and it’s nothing short of wonderful. The original sunny song has gone a fierce shade of red. It’s a hot track guys. I don’t know what it is about Alex Trimble’s voice (or Florence Welch’s for the matter (see the Spectrum Remixes EP)), but it easily jives with a neo-disco beat. His falsetto – which sounds boyish and fun on the original accompaniment – soars over the RAC’s bouncy bass and hip key-board melody. When this track comes on and I’m walking somewhere, my step matches the beat and life’s all good. It’s an easy walk with the bass giving me a little extra strut, but there’s nothing pretentious about it. This song is a plain feel-good tune, man.

If I were making a playlist for someone, this would be the first song on the track-list. The quick crescendo of the synth into a piano chord as Trimble’s youth-filled voice tells us we can make good things happen is a fine introduction to a playlist. Hand-claps and a melodic guitar picking over a smooth RAC beat makes for a solid track. Turn this track up and let RAC get into your bones and shake your shoulders, cooly bop your head, and lift you up a little. Whether a new track comes next or you step away from your music (why you would do that I do not know), this track should make you feel a little more confident you can “make something work.” If anything it’ll have you feelin’ good vibes the rest of the day.


Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (RAC Remix)

Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone

I may go to places I have never been to

Just to find the deepest desires in my mind.”

Two Door Cinema Club is back and their recent move to LA seems to have done them well. This track – released this week – comes straight from their sophomore album, Beacon (set to release September 3rd). Can I just say that I love love love this track? It’s been the song I play as I get dressed, when I need a break at the office, when I make dinner, even when I’m showering. The drum kicks in right off the bat and there’s no turning back once Alex Trimble stumbles over the track’s first lyric, “No…” The guitar is light as Trimble explains how his bliss is found via sleep. The guitar picks up as the lyrics become a chant – almost as a means of convincing himself that what he’s saying is true. The chorus is pure pop-rock. It takes you high for a verse then lightly sets you down only to pick you back up with the refrain.

There’s a sense that Trimble likes being alone when he sleeps. He’s a solitary explorer in his head and through sleep is he able to truly come to terms with himself; his wants and needs. This isn’t a down-on-your-luck-because-I’m-alone song. It’s an anthem for solitude. Indeed, he does call to be held but I think he’s calling to his thoughts to cradle him to sleep. He’s confident in himself when he’s asleep. I don’t know ’bout y’all, but all my friends seem to think love is in the air and are pairing off left and right. Perhaps I’m too cynical or not that easy, but I’m in the same boat at Trimble. Would I like to not be sleeping alone? Yeah, but this songs reassured that it’s okay the other side of my bed isn’t occupied – I’ll just sleep in the middle…or something. It is sleep that keeps our minds fresh. I’m a firm believer that what we see in our sleep shows us what we truly long for in our awakened state. And this track will – ironically – wake you up and keep you going until you return to bed…alone or not.

Let it be known that I was worthy.”

Perhaps Trimble and myself both need a little reassurance that despite our escapism at night, we are indeed worthy while awake.

Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone


Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Janvier 2011

I’ve gotten a few email and seen a couple of comments from people asking why we didn’t do a best of 2010 list. Steph finally sent me an answer to that question in the form of a mixtape because we no speak best of 2010 list, we speak music over here. We’re getting a lot of new visitors these days so if you’re not familiar with LMDM I couldn’t think of a better way to get acquainted with the queen of style.

Steph was hitting home runs in 2010, brining us something completely fresh and new for 12 months straight. I’m certainly the biggest LMDM fan and if anyone thinks different we can take this outside and see whose boss! Seriously though, I think I speak for all fans in saying that we appreciate the work Steph puts into these tapes. There’s no question in my mind that LMDM is a labor of love, there’s so much thought and feeling put into it and it translates to everyone that hears it. We appreciate it Steph and look forward to another year of magic…

Yes, this is about mid month 15ish days late…but still, its here. The list below is a special mix for the New Year/wrap-up of the beloved 2010. Instead of choosing my favorite tracks of 2010, I chose  special tracks and artists I featured throughout Le Miel du Mois’ this past year. Most blogs did their ‘best of ‘lists and I think a lot of us agree on what was amazing and what stood out, so rather than echo a round-up list, we thought we would do it a bit different – with a LMDM montage for you to download and here we are…

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


  1. Of Oceans – In Love, Not Limbo
  2. Jai Paul – BTSU
  3. Keepaway- Yellow Wings
  4. Pop Winds- Met Some New Colors
  5. Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work
  6. The Temper Trap – A Love Lost (Keljet Remix)
  7. Foals – The French Open
  8. Thieves Like Us: Drugs in my Body
  9. Cults – Go Outside
  10. Sleigh Bells- Rill Rill
  11. Pictureplane – Cyclical Cyclical (Atlantis)
  12. Cloudy Busey – Pound Your Town to Hell
  13. My Gold Mask – Bitches (The Hood Internet remix)
  14. Beach House- Norway
  15. Gold Panda – You

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Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Octobre 2010

Well it seems like the bigger this blog gets the more it becomes a target… The latest battle in the war between EMPT & The Industry is by far the most entertaining and while I can’t got into detail for legal reasons let’s just say I’ll be making some changes to the way music is played on this site to meet the establishment halfway, whatever. To all the creative people out there, don’t hold on to your ideas so tight that no one hears about it but make sure you have bulletproof protection cause greedy and lazy people will do whatever it takes to get a piece of your pie.

That said, listening to this months installment of Le Miel du Mois was a therapeutic experience. First of all, this tape is ridiculously good. I mean the way the music fits the mood of the city and the fall season right now is beyond words.

You crazy for this one Rick (Steph)! – Jay-Z (99 Problems)

Once again Steph drops a mixtape so unique in vibe and style that you have to immediately regard it as your favorite. I think the reason for that is how in tune they are with the general feeling of the times which is quite fresh and might I add not very easy to do. Alright, I’m actually going to go run this tape back for the 3rd time this morning. I can’t get enough, enjoy…

CMJ is the third week in October in New York City. forthebeat is putting on a show October 20th with Transparent and ABC News Amplified. EMPT will also be a part of the night, and we’re all really excited about our line-up. More details on that next week. This month’s mix includes new releases from some of my favorite new artists including Home Video, Kisses, Summer Camp and Wise Blood. Another special track on this mix is newcomers Aux Arc from Savannah, GA. Look out for their first EP later this year, tentatively titled “It’s Hard Swallowing A Novelty.”

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


  1. Wise Blood – Strt Srns
  2. The Canyons – Apples and Pears
  3. Museum of Bellas Artes – Watch the Glow
  4. Real Estate – Beach Comber
  5. Two Door Cinema Club – Costume Party
  6. Warpaint- Undertow
  7. Evenings – Babe
  8. Home Video- The Smoke
  9. Kisses- Bermuda
  10. Aux Arc – Roundhouse
  11. Summer Camp – Round The Moon
  12. Pretty Lights – Maybe Tomorrow
  13. Winter Gloves – Plastic Slides
  14. Teen Daze – Driving Home From The Beach (The Feeling Of)

Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Juillet

This is really one of my dumbest flow’s ever, I haven’t slept in days…

I’ve been up for a good 27 straight at this point, I’m not sure. I went from a session with Fabolous on Wednesday night that ended at about 4 am, up again at 11AM for a meeting to finalize our new partnership to another session with Fab & R. Les that went till about 5 AM this morning. Of course I could have gone home to rest but I wanted to finish up the new LMDM for you guys before I leave for the holiday weekend – the show must go on. So many things are happening right now  and I’m so excited that I’ve literally lost the desire to sleep, I wouldn’t have it any other way. To all my partners, to Steph, to everyone who keeps making this life unforgettable, I appreciate everything we’re doing together, we’re really planting some big seeds, just a matter of time now!

I know that ni&@z would kill for this lifestyle, I’m looking forward to the memories of right now. Never forgetting where I came and no matter where I’m heading I promise to stay the same…”

– Drake (2010, Unforgettable)

Steph sent me this tape yesterday but as you can see there was no way I could have gotten it done but honestly this Friday morning/holiday weekend couldn’t be more appropriate for this sound. Just when all you mixtape makers thought you figured her out she smacks you in the face with yet another mad scientist blend of songs, tempos and genres only a music fiend of the highest level could conjur up.

I don’t follow any guidelines, cause too many ni&$z ride mine so change styles every two rhymes – Jay Z (1996, 22 Two’s)

Seriously though, Stephs got her own flow and it’s one of the reasons why LMDM has been such a big hit on this site and around the internet. All EMPT heads know what I’m talking about and if you’re now to this well then your in for a treat, enjoy.

Le Miel du Mois: Julliet – I loooove summer for so many reasons. A reader from last year described one of the mixtapes like this: “like dancing around the edge of a pool late night with a drink and a cigarette and oversized t-shirts and sometimes getting pushed in and you never remember the photos that get taken but you laugh the whole time,” which I think also holds true to the Le Miel du Mois summer series of tapes for 2010. This entire mix is practically remixes, except a few, including the first track: When I first heard this Baby Jazz song called “The Song for the Season” with lyrics including “Yes, its Christmas time” I knew this was a perfect opener for the July mix… Happy Independence Month.

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


1.    Baby Jazz – The Song for the Season (Holy Jam)
2.    Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar
3.    Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know (LightsoverLA Remix)
4.    Cold Cave – Life Magazine (Delorean Remix)
5.    Louis La Roche – Missing You (Feat. Ad-Apt)
6.    Minks – Funeral Song
7.    College featuring Anoraak – Fantasy Park (Moulinex remix)
8.    Cloud Nothings – Can’t Stay Awake
9.    Oh Land – Heavy Eyes (Trentemoller Remix)
10.    Polock: Faster Love
11.    Daniel Solar – Got The Funk
12.    Sneaky Sound System – When We Were Young (Breakbot Remix)
13.    Charlotte Gainsbourg – Time of the Assasins (XXXChange Remix)

Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know (LightsoverLA Remix)

First of all, this track is dope. I’ve been seeing more and more of the Arizona production team LightoverLA and I can get enough. Their consistency and knack for the dance rocking the dance floor holds up with the best. I’ve been keeping my ears open to all their productions and my favorite by far is their remix of the Twelve’s What You Know. This production is clean, tasteful and the highs and lows in the arrangement is pure entertainment.

And I can’t say it’s what you know
But you’ve known it the whole time
Yeah, you’ve known it the whole time.”

This song is about a guy who can’t find the time to show love to his significant other. The girl knows what’s going on but somehow sticks around even though she’s only getting short changed. Living in the no time capital of the world I’m sure many of us can relate to this situation but I’m starting to look at that issue a little differently these days. There’s a lot of time in the day, so much in fact that even when we’re “busy” we really don’t utilize it correctly. If you really want to do something, you’ll be efficient with everything else so that you make time. I’ve added this to my list of warnings when dealing with people because it’s just not true. Time is one thing, priority is another, next time someone gives you that run down think about the difference and you’ll see the truth about the situation a whole lot better, enjoy.

Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know (LightsoverLA Remix)