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Bat For Lashes – What’s a Girl To Do?

These guys sampled the drums from “Be My Baby,” one of my favorite 60’s songs performed by The Shangri-Las and produced by one of my musical heroes, the pop mastermind Phil Spector. At face value, this song is about the thrill being gone, the end, going from liking someone to indifference. The callous overtone may turn some off but being a romantic realist I find this stage of a relationship just as interesting as actually being in love. Hey, if you can’t find the good in the “bad,” well then your just not that creative ; )

This video is great, it’s spooky, creepy, disturbing yet very fitting. Having grown up BMXing I was a huge fan of the bike gang doing ollie’s and flatland tricks while this girl is pouring her heart out about falling out of love. I had to turn off the video to actually listen to the lyrics but I you probably won’t have that problem. Cold as ice. Enjoy.

We walked arm in arm
But I didn’t feel his her touch
A desire I’d first tried to hide,
That tingling inside was gone
And when he she asked me:
‘do you still love me?’
I had to look away
I didn’t want to tell him her
That my heart grows colder with each day.”

Bat For Lashes – What’s a Girl To Do


Music Video

Bat For Lashes – Pearl’s Dream (New Video!)

Alter ego’s are nothing new when it comes to musicians, from Beyonce’s beyond corny Sasha Fierce, Eminem’s dark side Slim Shady, to Garth Brooke’s alternative rock weirdo Chris Gaines and now Bat For Lashes’ sinister blonde rendition Pearl. First of all, I started cracking up with the dramatic introduction of Pearl in this video. A blonde Natasha Khan looks like a strange creature from another dimension, but then again I think that’s the effect they were going for.

This is clearly a new version of Pearl’s Dream, the version on Two Suns isn’t as involved rhythmically. The producers did the same for the video version of Daniel, which also differs in terms of arrangement and drums. Yet another extremely creative and entertaining video from Bat for Lashes, enjoy.

Bat For Lashes – Pearl’s Dream