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Bahamas – Caught Me Thinking

  When I first heard “Caught Me Thinking,” I imagined a Vampire Weekendesque trio, nonchalant in skinny jeans, picking out lo-fi WASPafarian knockoffs. That’s not a bad thing. At first listen, the track is a light plinky plank riff that doesn’t exactly capture the memory. It’s breezy undercurrent flows through barroom breakdowns and little disco […]

CHVRCHES – By The Throat

CHVRCHES seems to be on everyone’s minds as of late. Perhaps it’s their adorable lead singer, Lauren Mayberry, and her spacey-reverberating voice that snakes its way through your brain. Maybe it’s the fact that the other members of the band get really excited, just as adorably excited as she does, when they perform in front of big […]

Young Dreams – Fog of War

Age looms just beyond the horizon; it casts its shadow just a little farther each day. As I’ve become more aware of myself, I can feel the frenetic idealities of youth solidify into maturity. For instance, I’ll be mailing my very first set of Christmas cards this year, including a well-posed photo of me and […]

KiD CuDi

CuDi was at our last Noctambule party which I haven’t really gotten a chance to talk about with all the bizz going on. The party was a success, the place was packed but the damn AC blew out at The Eldridge which made it hard to stay inside for too long. Thanks to everyone that […]

Vampire Weekend – The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance (Miike Snow Remix)

Once again I have to take a moment to recognize some amazing production. This time I have to give it up to Bloodshy & Avant aka producers of Miike Snow, many Britney Spears and Madonna to name a few. The new sound they’ve cooked up for Miike Snow is really impressive. The synth and sample […]

Ra Ra Riot – Can You Tell (Discovery Remix)

I was going to post the original version of Can You Tell but I ran into this forgotten gem of a remix while looking for the MP3 soI decided to make it the subject of this post. Can You Tell was one of my favorite ‘08 songs, it’s a simple love song dealing with those […]

Vampire Weekend – Campus

It’s so easy to like Vampire Weekend that some people feel as if it’s not cool to do so. Ah, the many dimension of being a poseur. Too bad, your missing out on some good feeling music. Vampire Weekend – Campus