Justin Caruso – Talk About Me (feat. Victoria Zaro)

Not giving a fuck is *easily* one of the most important skills I’ve started to learn. I used to always care about what people thought about me in general or something as specific as what they thought of my laugh or smile. Hell, I remember getting mad as a kid when I would hear my family talking about me when I wasn’t in the room and not even knowing what they were saying. But today, I’m starting to just throw those worries up to the wind…

I mean if I’m trying to be my best person, then why should I care what you’ve got to say? There’s only one thing in life I can control and that’s my own actions. If you want to waste your time being concerned about my actions and waste your energy focusing on me instead of yourself…go right ahead! Like Victoria Zaro says over this super smooth Justin Caruso beat…”if that’s what you think, then talk about me”! I’ll be over here avoiding useless stress and enjoying life. We only have so much time on this earth and I’d rather spend it with a smile on my face.

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