Volta Cab – Don’t Give Up

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Sundays are typically a day of rest where I like to recalibrate and recharge my batteries. And just do nothing. Then I come across a song like this that sets shit into motion.

I’ve written about Volta Cab before and if this track is any indication, he’s on the verge of blowing up in the feel good music realm. With other big releases in the pipeline, an especially tasty one on Glam Jam Artists, it’s a name that will likely storm the bloggosphere. “Don’t Give Up,” forthcoming on Illusion Records, is the total package.

I usually ignore or glaze over the lyrics in electronic music, and more and more, just all music in general. But this song is not like most electronically produced tracks. It’s a throwback–think Neo Soul with a Q-Tip twist–that fuses Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, and House–that seamlessly blends these genres into one very smooth package. And since we live in this beat-centric world, it’s rare I find lyrics that are just flat out relatable and pack a tight punch like these do.

Life is gona test you baby and people are gona stress you baby and I can only hope and pray you understand…

Sometimes I feel as if i can’t go on but I refuse to give up, I find the strength to be strong,

I know tomorrow is a brand new day, I refuse to give up, I find another way…

Some people tell me that I lost my mind but I refuse to give up so I won’t waste my time…

While I’m enjoying a lazy Sunday, this one’s making me want to get up and get moving–cause it’s important that we don’t ever give up.

Volta Cab – Don’t Give Up

p.s. Volta Cab‘s SoundCloud is a good place to be.

Music Remixes

De La Soul – Stakes is High (Volta Cab Edit)

The dope thing about the modern breadth of music–from EMPT to Hypem all the way up to Soundcloud–is the breadth of the landscape. It’s pretty cool to see people from places like Kazakhstan (Farleon), Cairo (Allen Walker), Tokyo (Shinichi!) and Saint Petersburg (Klar and Pf) making dope electronic music that crosses continents and hits ears in seconds. It’s unifying and it makes me feel worldly, like I’m constantly backpacking through Europe.

The latest addition to the United Nations of (not EDM) Producers comes from the city of Dnipropetrovs’k in Ukraine and goes by Volta Cab (n0t to be confused with Volta Bureau). And he’s making some serious waves with some dreamy, classed out tunes. Volta Cab took on a De La Soul classic, both proving that not all people in Eastern European are prohibited from listening to Hip Hop and that at least one of them knows how to make babies with music.

Put on your adult diapers, cause when Volta Cab‘s in the house, shit is going to get wet.

De La Soul – Stakes is High (Volta Cab Edit)


MJ Cole – Crazy Love (Volta Cab Dub Mix)

And this (for the Scinemax lovers):

Tesla Boy – In Your Eyes (Volta Cab “Soft Core” Remix)




Volta Cab – We Are Martians

When I was 20 I use to get in my car, turn up the music and literally race down the FDR like Ricky Bobby with a fake bag of girl strapped under my car. There’s something liberating about going fast, reminds me of sky diving and roller coasters except you’re in control of the thrill, which makes it that much better. Six years later, I’ve matured into a find young lad but absolutely nothing has changed and if the right song comes on I’m quick to turn Lewis Hamilton on those fools and live the fast life…

Ain’t no stopping at the red lights I’m sideways thug life  mother fu%#er crime pays…
Let the cops put they lights on, chase me ni%&@
Zig zaggin through the freeway, race me ni$%*@
In a high speed chase with the law, the realest mother fu%#er that you ever saw… – Tupac, Nothing To Lose

That’s one of the most overlooked Tupac tracks and one of my personal favorites, the first verse is absolute poetry. Anyways, Volta Cab’s We Are The Martians is one of those songs and it will be the soundtrack to one of the my late night adventures very soon. The last Volta Cab song I posted was Clarissa which is fantastic and if you haven’t heard it check it out here. Konstantyn Isaew is the man behind this very well produced Space-Disco. It’s not every day you get a new wave act from Russia but I heard their EP and every track is on point. It’s still not available in the U.S. but check out on, you will not be disappointed. Alight, I have a bunch of meetings to go to and it finally stopped raining in the city so back to the lecture at hand, enjoy.

Volta Cab – We Are Martians


Noctambule – Yacht Party

Wrecking ball hit yah like a freight train coming, I’m on a Warpath gonna hit the ground runnin…” – Rat Fink

That’s right fool, after about 2 weeks in LA we’re back in the big city and though I’m tired as f&*k,

The show must go on…
I’ll top the bill, I’ll overkill
I have to find the will to carry on
On with the –
On with the show –
The show must go on… – Queen

We had to put the Noctambule series on hold to explore some opportunities on the West Coast but now that business is done and the future has opened up we’ve decided to come back with our biggest celebration to date, our first Yacht Party. We’ve partnered up with to get a  luxury yacht and throw a mean party. Yours truly and Kevin Casey will be taking care of the music so expect some EMPT flavor on that end. Also, there’s a bikini fashion show sponsored by Pesca Boutique throughout the whole event, nice.

I’m blowing up like you thought I would, call the crib same number same hood, it’s all good.” – Notorious B.I.G. (1994, Juicy)

If you want to come you can buy admission here. That get’s you free booze and food for the 3 hour ride: “(Full premium bar and unlimited beer, wine and champagne), including sponsorship by Grey Goose and Corzo Tequila. Le Souk will be catering a fabulous menu for the evening as well.”We’ve invited all our industry friends, there’s press coming blah blah blah but most importantly is going to be a good time.

I left LA last night and just landed, I think it’s 6 AM but I can’t stop going, fast that is. I was looking for the right song to capture this non-stop limitless state of mind and landed on Volta Cab’s Clarissa – perfect. The boys over at Nashville Nights couldn’t have put it better…

Side effects of Clarissa may include, ‘the power of flight’, ‘good vibrations’, ‘out of body experiences’, ‘euphoria’ and a ‘general disregard for whatever may be troubling you’.

The Space Age at it’s best, enjoy.

Volta Cab – Clarissa