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Volta Cab – Don’t Give Up

Sundays are typically a day of rest where I like to recalibrate and recharge my batteries. And just do nothing. Then I come across a song like this that sets shit into motion. I’ve written about Volta Cab before and if this track is any indication, he’s on the verge of blowing up in the feel good […]

De La Soul – Stakes is High (Volta Cab Edit)

The dope thing about the modern breadth of music–from EMPT to Hypem all the way up to Soundcloud–is the breadth of the landscape. It’s pretty cool to see people from places like Kazakhstan (Farleon), Cairo (Allen Walker), Tokyo (Shinichi!) and Saint Petersburg (Klar and Pf) making dope electronic music that crosses continents and hits ears […]

Volta Cab – We Are Martians

When I was 20 I use to get in my car, turn up the music and literally race down the FDR like Ricky Bobby with a fake bag of girl strapped under my car. There’s something liberating about going fast, reminds me of sky diving and roller coasters except you’re in control of the thrill, […]

Noctambule – Yacht Party

Wrecking ball hit yah like a freight train coming, I’m on a Warpath gonna hit the ground runnin…” – Rat Fink That’s right fool, after about 2 weeks in LA we’re back in the big city and though I’m tired as f&*k, The show must go on… I’ll top the bill, I’ll overkill I have […]