Husky Rescue – Sound of Love (WEARETIM Remix)

I’ve been on the run these last few weeks and I love it. There’s nothing like seeing new places, meeting new people, trying new things and constantly pushing your comfort levels. I have Fear Nothing tattooed on my wrist because I want to constantly be reminded to think and act without a false sense of restriction. In life, love and work we sometimes makes decisions for all the wrong reasons. For example, you settle for a bad relationship because you fear being alone or lonely, you hate your job but keep it because it’s convenient, the list goes on and on. We have the power to live the life we want but limit ourselves by giving into imaginary limitations created by fear. Don’t be afraid of anything or anyone and if you have someone around you that limits you in any way hit the road, it’s your life. It’s not easy but man does it feel good to have total freedom…

Love, the sound of love
Playing in my mind…

Don’t mean to rant but I’ve been listening to this remix all morning and it got me thinking out loud. These days even when I’m relaxing I want to feel like I’m on the move so when a producer captures both chill and dance in a song I’m sold, WEARETIM did that to perfection on this jam. Alright, I got places to go and people to see but play this and get your Monday morning started right. Enjoy.

Husky Rescue – Sound of Love (WEARETIM Remix)

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