Kanye West in Spike Jonze’s “We Were Once a Fairytale”

Short film by ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ director has odd parallels to West’s recent life.

You’ve heard of art imitating life. What about life imitating art? After months of slow-boil hype, the eagerly anticipated re-hookup between Kanye West and “Where the Wild Things Are” director Spike Jonze, “We Were Once a Fairytale,” was released over the weekend.

And, as with the last time these two collaborated (on the “Flashing Lights” video), the results are mind-bending and a bit too close to home. The 11-minute short film  which is not a video for any specific song but features bits of “See You in My Nightmares”  was shot in Los Angeles over two days in January, and it opens with West playing himself. The video was posted on West’s blog on Sunday and was supposed to be released on iTunes in September, but as of press time it still did not appear to be on the store.