ODESZA – Without You

There comes a time where you just have to be “that guy.” You strain against the pull, knowing that you literally just ragged on your homie for doing it. It’s the song of the summer, blowing up on the radio, on TV, on the blogosphere. But it’s the worst song on the album, and you know it.

You know it because you’ve been listening to the artist for years, since he started out as a bedroom producer with a tiny group of devoted fans. You’ve scoured the Internet for a hard copy of that rare first LP, for live recordings of foreign shows. You’ve played the songs for your parents, your boyfriend, your cousin, and the random dude who smoked you up a few weeks back. But they don’t catch on.

And then he’s all over the news and you’re like whaaaa?

I was “that guy” with Gotye. When “Somebody I Used to Know” blew up, I was shocked. I’d first heard his standout track “Heart’s a Mess” on a late-night radio broadcast years before, and became hooked immediately. His second album was a mainstay in my playlists. No one I knew knew Gotye.

And then they were all nutting for him and I was pissed because “Somebody I Used to Know” was one of the worst songs he’d ever put out. Seriously: minimal production, random guest vocalist (the only guest vocal to date on a Gotye track), and flat out boring. Listen to “Puzzle with a Piece Missing” or “Easy Way Out” or “State of the Art”; these songs are nuanced masterpieces of dystopia with a veneer of pop sensibility that makes them digestible over and over.

I went to two Gotye shows while he toured behind “Making Mirrors.” During both, half the crowd left after he played the song-that-shall-not-be-named. Fucking travesty.

ODESZA is a production duo from Seattle. They have established themselves as masters of the sample, turning recognizable anthems into trippy soundscapes that, in their own words, “work as headphone music as well as make people dance at a live venue.” The tracks are at once chill, trippy and bangin’.

“Without You”, from their brand new “Summer’s Gone” EP, samples “Somebody I Used to Know” to fantastic effect. You will hear Wally’s wails with fresh ears, and find yourself feeling like you just ate a spoonful of the “everything nice” that Professor Utonium used to make the Powerpuff Girls: sparkly and straight gangsta.

ODESZA – Without You






Rainbow Arabia – Without You

Man I tell you, once you find yourself you realize there’s no going back things get weird…

Odd times took your mind
And I’m still here by your side…”

The crazy thing about it, the thing that all your friends, loved ones and family will have a hard time dealing with is letting go of who they knew you as before.

People don’t like change, they fight it with all their might, even when the change is good. I mean think about all the sexist men who tried to fight the women’s suffrage movement or the people trying to stop Gay rights right now. Throughout history there have always been people so scared of change that they do anything to stop it. If such resistance can be so universal why wouldn’t resistance to change be just as complicated on a smaller, more personal level.

Is it and I’m finding that growth and progress isn’t always welcome.

You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness… – Gotye

Something amazing can come to your life and because you’re stuck in a pattern you subconsciously try to push it away. It’s one of the most depressing things about human nature man and when you catch yourself doing it try to step away, take a deep breath and try to fix it. So much good can go bad like that.

Sometimes part of the reason why you make good friends is because you find people who are in exactly the same place you are. But then life happens and then each persons personal progress moves at it’s own pace. That can create conflict but it shouldn’t because friends are not just for when it’s convenient and it’s not about always having someone be where you are, it’s also about meeting people where they are.

I’ll say it again man; The crazy thing about it, the thing that all your friends and family will have a hard time dealing with is letting go of who they knew you as before. I find myself born again right now, ready to fly but almost like clockwork I have to keep dealing with the past. Love bought me to a new place and love is going to keep me going, but I just wonder why the two worlds keep trying to coexist.

Idiots knock you down, cut you up
Bruise your heart, sharp tongues criticize, 
Tell you friendly lies, 
Empty you’re so dumb…”

At the end of the day, follow your heart and believe in your path. Our journeys are as unique as our DNA’s and sometimes through the wonders of the Universe you find people that are truly meant to go on the journey with you.

Don’t listen to your crew, do what works for you…” Jay-Z

You gotta hold on to those but those are rare. Everyone else is on their journey and if there’s love you show it, help and progress together but you’re own personal journey man, that’s sacred. Don’t let anyone distract you from that. Enjoy.

Rainbow Arabia – Without You