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Savoir Adore – Dreamers (Xaphoon Jones Remix)

It’s my favorite day of the week! Here’s an excellent song to match a productive and beautiful day.

So much of what I talk about on here has to do with presence. I have recently had my ability to remain present put to the extreme test, with the amount of work I’m trying to juggle for school and such. With the final stretch of school, I’ve never felt like such a perfectionist in my life. It’s kind of incredible, that my brain waited this long to help me realize this. I guess I just feel like I have one last shot at giving something that was very long term, my all. And I will never have this kind of opportunity again, where I end the education of sixteen years with a note of solidarity and independence. I’m excited, because I’ll never have the chance to focus all of my efforts on one thing that works toward a definitive end goal (that is, graduation). Although, I suppose all of life is just working towards a definitive end goal, some conclusions may be a little less grounded than others.

I think the best part is that our mindset doesn’t necessarily have to change just because we’re graduating from one area of life, to the next. Like for me, education has always been my life’s mission. That is, not even in a technical academic sense, but in a life sense — learning from life. I think that’s a good place to rest the mind, because it means you’re open to new learning experiences, and you’re never letting go of something that stays with you from childhood.

It’s the end of a formula, something that was calculated. I think that’s what’s dawned upon me. I’m so happy and emotional about it, and it was that sentiment that brought me to this song. I’ve listened to Savoir Adore before and experienced nothing but pleasure and happiness with the music, so I wasn’t surprised at all to encounter this remix that helped ground me in this moment. The distant vocals in the beginning paired with a clear and crisp guitar picking happy notes, leads up to a tremendous but tasteful blend of sounds that can only lead you to bliss.

Take this song with you on your journey, and maybe, today is a good day to figure out what your long term goal is. Not the goal you can physically hold and touch, like having a new apartment or house, but the mental goal.

Where’s your head trying to go?

Savoir Adore – Dreamers (Xaphoon Jones Remix)




Atlas Genius – Trojans (Fred Falke Radio Edit)

One of the most uncomfortable things about a breakup is the lingering thought. Like a splinter in the back of your head deep-rooted in your conscious –wishing it’d be in the subconscious– it’s a constant reminder of what happened. That said, one of the most gratifying things about a breakup is being able to say with certainty that that which you had, the other person will never emulate or find the same with someone else; like a picture no one can ever recreate. And it is the story of that Trojan stuck in our heads that Atlas Genius uses as it’s catchy tool to leave us humming the chorus over and over after the first listen.


“It’s ok if it’s gone
The thoughts that you had that it was the one
And oh what is left?
For all those times is that what you get?
Oh regardless
The walls get painted anyway
Oh you’re guarding
The gates, but it all got away

Your trojan’s in my head”


Atlas Genius struck gold with this debut single. The South Australian indie rock outfit released this one in May 2011 but it wasn’t until the group signed with Warner Bros. and released as a debut EP  Through The Glass a year later that the song really became a hit. And with remixes by Lenno (not typical Lenno remix but still dance-y), Xaphoon Jones (the most unique of the remix package and very rich musically) and this one by Monsieur Fred Falke is that Atlas Genius puts a bit in that EP for just about every taste. Make no mistake, this is a bonafide pop song infused with indie rock elements and remixed masterfully by very talented individuals.

Of course, in true Fred Falke signature it is the bassline that paired with the rock drums and all that sets this remix apart from the rest — and in my humble opinion the best of the pack. I know that once you listen to the bonus track I’ve included you’ll think it deserves its own writeup –and you’re right on this one– but I don’t want to miss this opportunity of sharing with you the unique and wonderful remix by one-half of Chiddie Bang Mr. Xaphoon Jones.

Atlas Genius – Trojans (Fred Falke Remix)

Atlas Genius – Trojans (Xaphoon Jones Remix)

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Foxes – White Coats (Xaphoon Jones In The Zone Remix)

To tag along with the idea of exploring music as a natural high, listen to this song. I don’t care where you are, you need to sit down (or lay) close your eyes and put on your headphones; be still and purely listen. This song is a trip. It’s a vessel for space exploration, a portal into another sonic dimension. It takes my personal favorite element of the excellent original track, the reversed speech, and uses that as a platform for take off. The beginning is mellow with lead singer, Kayla Bell’s outstanding voice build over a progressive synth bass line. A minute in and we’re still building up to take off: more synths fade in, Bell’s chopped vocals speed up, a kick-drum enters to bring us down but not fast enough because the synths come back with full force and drop us into an abyss of low-frequency synthesizers. The drop here is cathartic. The first time I heard it, my heart sped up as I took a deep breath in and I suddenly felt like I was floating. It’s a sensation that has to be experienced alone.

Sound is a crazy thing and an artist’s ability to control it, is a talent I envy. Foxes and their remixer’s have given us a track that slows down time without any other means but sound.

You will take me home and then believe me
Take my hand and lead me out from here.”

Xaphoon Jones gets this track’s lyrics. It’s a story of escaping the status quo and becoming the person you feel you are called to be. Noah B (the alias behind this remix artist) takes the essence of Foxes’ brilliantly written story and tells it sonically using only the verses that matter. No other song has taken me to a new level like Noah’s remix has except for The Weeknd’s masterpiece, “High For This”. I’ve included Noah’s remix of Ellie Goulding’s cover (which we posted back in June) to that track to simply showcase Noah’s incredible ear for delivering a song in a package that’s easy to carry and handle.

Sit back y’all and enjoy the ride; it’s a helluvah trip with a comedown that doesn’t come with all those side-effects.

Foxes – White Coats (Xaphoon Jones In The Zone Remix)


Ellie Goulding – High For This (The Weeknd Cover) [Xaphoon Jones Remix]



Xaphoon Jones – Testify (Radiohead Vs Kanye West)

This is an oldie but goodie from the first Xaphoon Jones mixtape that was released back in August of ’09. The verse used for this mash-up is from one of my favortie Kanye songs, Touch The Sky. I feel like Kanye’s career is going to be divided into two very silly parts now, pre and post Taylor Swift. Well, this pre-Swift song is one of the many reasons why people gravitated to Kanye to begin with. In the verse Kanye talks about his journey to the top and the struggles and the struggles he had to overcome to get there.

I’m trying to write my wrongs,
But it’s funny these same wrongs helped me write this song.

Tupac and Eminem were artists who exuded extreme skill and confidence when it came to their craft but also gave us real life, insecurities and vulnerabilities in music that most people just wouldn’t be comfortable revealing in life. It’s easy to forget it now but that’s also something Kanye gives us with his music. It’s just a shame his stunts, real or fake, distract everyone from that. Anyways, this is a great mash-up from a very talented producer, enjoy.

Xaphoon Jones – Testify (Radiohead Vs Kanye West)