Vanic X Zella Day – Hypnotic

When’s the last time you listened to a song and were immediately hooked? Well this might be the next. There’s something captivating Zella Day’s voice and the echoey horn-infusions of Vanic’s production. As if to prove a point, the song comes to a energetic tease at :53 and just builds from there, until we hover until the explosion at 1:41.

There have been several occasions lately where I’ve listened to this song on repeat to keep up my momentum. One time was in the gym after not being there a while. It was right after Christmas and I was trying to burn off the hangover. Bad idea first of all, but this song helped me push through the pain. It helped me put a little bit more aggression into the punching bag. It urged me to do one more pull up. Isn’t that crazy? Artists I didn’t know existed until a couple weeks ago, living in a cities thousands of miles away from me, somehow transferred energy to me, and now I’m passing it onto you in hopes that it will have the same positive effect; in some way or another.

Next time you’re having trouble grasping that motivation from within, blast this and drown the rest of the world out. Power through! To me, it’s something special and I foresee it being on my iPods’s “Top 25 Most Played” fairly soon. Enjoy!

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Zella Day – Compass (Louis The Child Remix)

Sometimes it is hard to think of something inspiring, moving, worth reading each week. Today, I found myself wishing that I could write as I used to, a time filled with a string of bad decisions, destruction and floundering for air. But the poetry and short stories of that time, now years in my past, were the best, darkest, most articulate thoughts I had expressed. Was it the drugs? The weather? The boy? The girl? The fights? The place?

I thought that if I could find this place again I would be able to write like that again.

I was listening to a TED talk from Elizabeth Gilbert (Writer of Eat Pray Love – whatever haters,  she is a remarkable speaker) today where she was talking about creativity and how hard it is to find and pin it down. Creativity is also so closely associated with being linked to sadness. We see this sadness and ability to capture it as an artist or writer or speaker and hold it to such a high esteem in our society, like darkness and depression is where the best will source their work. The 27 club being a prime example, a group of young talent that were our creative gods. We worship their words, their work.

It is this same trend we see in so many songs and and the musicians putting them out now. That sadness we relate to, they articulate it so well. That hole we feel, they dig it and show us the picture. But is that what we are still promoting in our creative brethren?

I highly recommend listening to it as I assume many of the readers here are creators in some way or another, we all need inspiration to do what we do. This was such a revelation of thought to have, but it still begs the question, where do we find our inspiration? Does it need to be in the dark? Can’t we find something bigger in the light? In the happiness? How do you get inspired or do you feel like your best inspiration has come and gone?

I would hope that that time would not have been my most fluid thought. The trick is to find things that continue to inspire you and embrace them. Like this track. I heard it last week and man, oh man. Zella Day is oft described as a “happier Lana del Ray” with punchy, youthful vocals ringing of amore and contentment. Thriving to be content should be the goal of expressing creativity, shouldn’t that be the sound of doing something well? We create as a release, to express, to arrive there is like ohm.

This mix from Louis the Child encompasses that Flume sounding drop and some well-placed kick drums making this track an inspiring Wednesday tune.

Zella Day – Compass (Louis the Child Remix)